Dear Mother

Dear Mother, There's this feeling I get when I'm in your embrace.

Dear Mother, it's a feeling, like the glow shown on your face.

Dear Mother, what is it called when you put me first, always above

Every one else that's in your life? Dear Mother, That's called love.


Dear Mother, you push me far in life, persistence is the key,

Dear Mother, it's only you who makes me who I want to be.

Dear Mother, it's endearing, your ever present love,

pride and power is what your love is; it fits you like a glove.


Dear Mother, You're the bright light in sight despite the spite in people's hearts.

The spite that's there is there because they've had to live with being apart;

apart dear mother from loved ones, loved ones such as you

So I say this mother dearest, so you'll know this doesn't have to be true.

Dear Mother, I know you love me, So i'm saying I love you too.

This poem is about: 
My family
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