By Julissa Anaya

You. Backstabbing, false, two-faced person, you.

Compulsive, deceitful, self-indulgent human, you.


You shattered our five years of friendship for a silly boy.


Leaving me in utter distraught and confusion.

Leaving me breathless and in delusion.


Keeping me awake at hour less nights,

Trying to reenact what had led to our continuous fights.


After everything calmed down,

Constant reminders of “us” were to be found.


You are the stain in my carpet that will not scrub away,

The splatter of sticky spaghetti on my mother’s tea tray.


I have finally cleaned our mess of our so-called “happiness”.


Now, at school, when we are forced to pass each other in a single hallway… you avoid my gaze.


I forgive you.


When we share the same friends and the mention of your name is brought up…awkwardly halting the conversation,


 I forgive you.


Piece by piece the sharp shards are picked up to rebuild my wall of trust.


As forgiveness overwhelms me,

I feel as though my hatred has been set free.


I guess I have no one to thank, but you.

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