Take ME To Church

Take me to church and tell me no and go to hell. I dont belong here and I never will belong here. I could never believe you. I pray every night to the same person you do. I eat the same stuff you do. I brush my hair the same way you do. I put clothing on the same way you do. I shop the same, talk the same, the same accent, have the same skin tone, and even breathe the same. What is different?! Our lovers. That just sounds wrong coming out of my mouth. Being the same person inside and out but we like the same gender. Now what about people that like both genders? Are they half sinner and half prayers? Or are they full sinner because you know we all dont sin. That is a joke right? All I can say and think right now is that YOU are lying and guess what THAT is a sin. See but I wouldn't and couldn't say that you are a horrible person. Nobody could call you a horrible person. We all have lied. We can forgive but not forget. We were meant to live the infinity. There is limits when you just like one gender. You tell yourself who and what you like and I like everything and anything. Actually I dont like rap music BUT the person next to me loves it. I dont hate them, I actually love them. They are just a little different. See this person next to me has the same favorite color, food and eye color as me. I truely love them. Our brains are wired to be different but our skin tells us who we really are. It yells out our stories are fights, wins and losses.

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