My Generation

I look at my generation and know we are screwed
How easy for the young mind to get so manipulated
How fast we fall in love all for the wrong reasons
How easy we get caught up in the pleasures of sex drugs and money
How we so easily can cut class and post up with bae all day long
So quickly do we give up on our hopes and ambitions all because our families never had any
We can easily remember a Chris Brown song without a problem
But we can't even solve a simple math equation
Music is the consolment of our souls
But how far is music gonna take you if your sounding uneducated
And my young men do you honestly think a woman is gonna want a man who can't do for himself or keep his pants on his butt?
Do you think job offers are gonna come in if your sitting on your butt.
Young ladies do you honestly believe your looks will take you far?
Do you think that because ur pretty you don't need to be smart
A man wants a woman who already has her own
Looking for a woman who can have his back and follow in his footsteps.
Becausd behind every great man there is a greater woman but how you figured your Romeo is looking for a stripper
Got a mind like gold but you rather sell your soul rather than pick up a book
Rather let the love of the streets talk to you instead of putting down that gun
Rather cut class and smoke than to hear the teachers preach
So what do you have to show for yourself for the next couple years?
That you weren't scared to shoot down a friend?
Or that you didn't think twice about sleeping with an older man thinking it was cute.
What will you tell your children if they asked what you use to do in school
Or if they said "mommy I want to be just like you!"
What example will you set
Will there be anything you regret
So tell me something.....
What legacy will you leave behind?

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Our world
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