I am ME. The Star you should see.


I am the bastardized version of the American dream.

 To many I am not clean, to more unseen.

 I was a foster care child, to which many equate to wild.

I am a mutt with ethnicities that have sailed the globe, I am an American child who has no home.

 My identity wiped and rearranged by those who are my peers, which means I’m still lost with myself even after 18 years.

 My fears grow more and more each and every day, only the lord knows how I’ll be in my old age.

I am sporadic, free, and completely untamed.

I am beautiful with my flaws for the world to see, I am undeniably me.

I make mistakes and slip ups too, but as a human so do you.

 I am not the kind of girl who can be locked away. I will make sure I am seen and heard from a million miles away.

 I could be like a star who is 18 light years away today.

 And even though I knew I was here to be seen, even if everyone else ignored me in-between.

Today you will classify me as KNU-18, and you will see my angelic light.

You will witness my birth and all its might.

You see past the sun into my night, and you can’t see it yet but my wings take flight.

I have a story that may be unparalleled as my light shines unto you, but with this new knowledge what will you do.

Will you write so elegantly these sights in a book, will you encourage others to just take a look?

Would you make a motion picture narrated by some really smooth voice, really you could do anything it’s all your choice.

 I just hope someone else, will notice my brilliance before my death.  

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