An Angel in Comfortable Shoes

An Angel in Comfortable Shoes

Today I woke up,
that’s awesome enough.
When life gets tough,
whether the glass is half full,
or half empty,
i’m just glad I have a cup.
Each morning I yawn,
put my nursing shoes on,
no time to snooze,
there’s too much to lose.
Life’s not always easy, sometimes I get knocked down.
But turning a frown into a smile,
makes it all worthwhile.
It’s actually quite awesome,
to touch so many lives,
It also teaches you
how awesome it is to be alive.
You never know
what cards you might be dealt.
This is something i’ve learned
from my patients as well.
I’m not just a nursing student,
It’s much more heartfelt.
In the end,
I am their friend.
They tell me their fears, their pain,
I hold their hand.
I want them to know,
I truly understand.
I tell them jokes,
to make them laugh .
I’m so much more,
than part of a staff.
It’s not just giving medicine,
or doing simple tasks.
It’s the awesome feeling I get,
should anyone ask?
“I’ll see you tomorrow “
is what I say.
And we all thank God,
for an awesome day.

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The AWESOME feeling of making someones life a little better!