America The Chained


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What is that sound you hear?

It is the sound of mothers weeping,

Fathers dying,

Children starving.


A society that emphasizes hard work,

But when someone wants to get ahead,

Alarms go off in the heads of millions.


Society shames minorities

For trying to put food on the table.

Mom is working five jobs,

While in some cushy house,

A lady spends mom’s entire paycheck on a new purse.

How is that fair?

Why should I have to sit alone, at home, in squalor?

While some rich kid is buying the latest phone,

I have to face the struggles of a “broken home”.


Why is it called a broken home?

We are not broken,

We are simply different from others,

And that’s what sets us apart.

Society hates different.


Different equals bad,

Talented equals conceited,

And kind equals fake.

Why do we live in such a judgmental world?

Why does it matter if I work as a garbage woman or a CEO?

Money is not happiness,

Family and love bring happiness.

The richest of us are the poorest,

They have struggled and still keep hope.

This cruel world has no effect on them.



So you can believe that we’re free,

But between you and me,

We’re still on our way,

Paddling and struggling through this river of oppression.

Practicing being politically correct instead of learning kindness.

Until we can fix the ever-present issue of equality,

We need to remember that people are people

And for now, as much as it pains me to say it,

We are not all free,

And will continue to be,

America The Chained.

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