Don't you dareSaid the

Don't you dare

Said the voice in my head

Don't you know? Never do a thing when you are not sure of its out-come!!

Said the voice in my head 

I was ready to ask one of my female friends to the high school-prom..

But why? I thought back to myself.

I am a little scared and anxious, just as much...

I thought

New things...if we do not know the outcome... we never do such

Replied the voice in my head

But then I will always be me, and I will never be better

I thought back to myself, in a response 

If you knew she wanted you, then you could go-get-her

Scoffed the voice

Well at least I'm willing to try

Said I, as I trotted up to the beautiful female, who instantly knew my purpose 

To my surprise, she gave me a smirk and a stare

And then she told me 

Don't you dare

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