Once Upon A Time, Tiana

Little brown girl 

Oh, how big can she be?

little brown girl 

through my eyes, you'll see


Her beauty is within 

thus, it lies deep

she's no Barbie and Ken

yet, still needs beauty sleep


They'll tell you

you can't and maybe you'll believe

but somehow I'd recieve...

my seat, with evangaline


No one, like Charlotte,

can tell her no

so she must grab that wooden spoon

and go go go


Not a rich father

but a rich heart

strong enough to wade in water 

and shield out the dark


She knows not when 

but soon it will arrive

her dreams are parked

right outside


This is her time...

her time to shine so without further ado:

here is her lifeline,

full of inclines


Once Upon a Time...

she was a little brown girl





This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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