The 3 Words

It all started that day

The day you crashed the car

You didn’t mean to

But you really couldn’t control it

From that day on,

I knew something had changed

After that, I could see the decline

Day by day

Sometimes it even made me cry

As time passed

We came home that night

Witnessing the accident

Knowing it was time for her to go

That was when my eyes really opened

I saw what had to be done

From then on, I always came to visit

I was there almost everyday

Helping with anything I could

Knowing you would have to go home soon,

The visits became closer and closer together

It seemed like we began to live there

She became worse and worse

Until her vocal cords finally gave out

All visits after that were painful,

But saying “goodbye” was even worse.

As I said, “I love you” that day,

I began to cry

Realizing she could no longer say it back

But I never gave up

As she made the word “I” strain out of her mouth in pain

I realized there was nothing left I could do.

Her eyes shuttered with the lights

Her hands shook while my eyes filled with tears

The force of the disease overpowered her will

As I stood over her watching her in agony,

The world seemed to stop.

She never stopped trying

Until I had to escape

Running out of the room,

There was no turning back now

The call came a week later

Immediately, we knew was it was

Rushing to the car, then to that place,

Which might as well be a funeral home

In tears now I came inside

Walking down those halls feeling like a bride

Everyone was watching, speechless and in shock

When I reached the room nothing was the same

Lifeless, she laid there

No heartbeat. No pulse.

She was dead.

And that’s why “I love you” are the 3 hardest words to say.

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My family
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