Why I Call You 'Mom'

Having me in your adolescence,
I understand this was no easy feat:
Growing up early, throwing your childhood away,
I can’t commend you enough.
And you’re still on your feet.
I saw you struggle, day by day
Your heart aching
There were times where I felt my existence was to be blaming.
But you loved me without hesitation.
Every day, you said I was precious to you.
My whole life, your lessons and affection have kept me true.
Today, we stand as a unit.
Two daughters, a son, a husband--
“Anything’s possible if you put your mind to it.”
Your encouraging words, your unfiltered voice
Having you as a mom was a privilege,
Better too if a choice.
There you were for my loss, my heartbreaks, adversity;
My debt to repay to you would take an eternity.
Admirable wit, admirable ability to be strong,
Just a few of countless qualities
That make me shed a tear when I call you, “Mom.”

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My family
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