Loving You

There’s three little words I want to hear you say

Three little words that can brighten my day

I wait expectantly, lapping up the sound of your voice,

Melodic, smooth, and always my first choice


Eager to be loved I wait on your needs

I can show you my love with my words and deeds

And favors and trinkets and all of my thought

Goes into wondering how your love can be bought


When I love you that is all I know

I get lost in waiting for you to bestow

That special gift unto me

I will wait for forever. That I can see


In loving you I lose myself withall

It is when I am loving you that I fall

I fall down into the deepest pit

Where all alone I sit


Wondering when will I be free

Of this feeling of needing thee

“I love you” I cry into the void

Because I can’t stop my heart from being destroyed


Somewhere I know that my love for you is false

My need for you is a mask for something else

I can name it, I know it, it is clear to see

But the hardest thing in the world is loving me

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