Come Together Over Me

Come Together Over Me

August 28, 2018 ~ Tuesday

I’m trapped, I’m trapped

Inside a head that is not mine

Trying to live but he’s trying to die

This isn’t living or getting better

Only worse and doesn’t matter

Whether they’re listening or not

The me inside is still the thought

So run through my mind, softer self

Understand there’s no way out

Let me protect you, hide you, help you

We’ve been through hell and back, I missed you

Round and round, I know a lot

But what’s the use if you don’t got

Someone to hold your broken bones

To mend the gaping hole and treat your wounds

Crush his head and bruise his heel

But who to end will bow and kneel

Crush, heel, bow and break

Shut away the world you dearly loved, May

Pain comes and comes again

But doesn’t ever go, my friend

Tried to heal hurt here

We tried but no one wanted us, anyway

Stowaways inside our self

Playing this back and forth game

Hide and seek with just 1 player

And we are not all right

She’s alone, and I said that I would protect her

But I can’t be the one to save her, he is

So if you’re real, then we have faith in you, Jesus

We’ve been this way for far too long

We weren’t meant to feel alone

And we called out to everyone we knew

If you’re reading this, then that means you

Crying in the wilderness, we didn’t know what to do

We’ve never had friends before

Who knew they could be so cruel

So come back before they end me

Before they cause the death of me

Before you forget the real me

Before I hear violins playing

My only friends were hotel rooms

My mother’s were saloons

If I could turn around, would you turn around too

One concussion too soon

Don’t tell me I’ve lost you, too

My family once had reign

Over a quite unbreakable sea

Well, I ask you now, come together over me

You never turn your back on family

No matter how messed up they may be

So I ask again

Come together over me...



Inspiration by: Thousand Foot Krutch (band), The Beatles (band), and The Secret Life of Bees (book)


This poem is about: 
My family
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