Cover Me!

Face loaded up with make-up,

Body covered in baggy rags,

Wearing a smile to cover her true self.

Every night her face is covered in tears,

Her heart crying out to someone to 'help' her,

Her soul falling in darkness even more every second.

She wakes-up and shows the world that everything is alright,

That the world is a perfect place, but most of all

To be the person that her brother looks up to.

To show her brother that he can out go anything that is happening,

And be able to face all of his situation,

And keep his smile bright and happy.

To be the strength that he needs in order to keep his head up,

to tell her family that everything is going to be alright.

To hold her mother when she is breaking,

When she looses hope,

Especially when she hurts seeing her mom sons in pain.

To care for her brothers when her parents can't be around,

Telling them that they will soon be living happily ever after.

So they is why...

Why she uses a filter to change her true image.

Why she angles her phone in a way when taking a selfie.

Why a smile is always on her face,

Whether it is fake or not.

Why her words sound all phony and forced.

And why a filter is disparately needed in her life.

This poem is about: 
My family
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