You always hear about slitting wrists;
The only way to release the pain is to cut straight down like this.
It was never "across the street," rather just running down parallel
But going across was always just a cry for help or putting yourself in peril.


It was always a magical release to feel the pain ease out.
It was always a relief to see the blood ooze about.
It was always those salty tears streaming down your cheeks
It was always because of the built up hurt inside; reaching its peak. 


There's always reasons behind every action we do.
Sometimes, they're reasonable and sometimes, we blame it on the significant "you."
Whatever the reason behind it all,
Becomes our actions that announce "last call."


If no one comes along to stop us from what we are doing
Then by all means, let us prepare our own viewing.
But if anyone dares to step in
They better have a pretty damn good reason to tell us where our lives have been.


If we are one of the luckier ones to get some common sense kicked into us
Then damn all those voices telling us we're smaller than dust.
However, if they fail and we succeed,
The only accomplishment done is planting another lethal seed. 


So, tell me, is slitting your wrists the best you can come up with?
Are you that pathetic to be that selfish and let your life drift?
If so, then all I have to say to you is: if the thoughts in your head are unbearable
And nothing in life can be so damn comparable,
Then do us all a favor and shut your eyes and do your life away.
Because we know if you really wanted to end your life today
You wouldn't be hear reading this and at the same time, saying that your life is the price to pay.


So, think long and hard on what you're doing
Remember that it's only yourself that you are fooling.
And before you take that toll upon your life
Recall all those times in the past, present, and future that you lived without strife.
That is when you will know if you really want to live or die.


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