I Really Like Being Me


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Through thick and thin, we formed an alliance,

Turned to each other when in need of reliance.

Guiding me through when life throws me troubles,

Providing advice for my daily struggles.

 Of course there were times when we would not get along,

But over the years our relationship grew strong.

 As we matured I learned a few lessons,

But not the type that could be tested.

 The day he moved out my life suddenly changed,

Because the friendship we shared could not be exchanged.

My brother gone, I was lost in a way,

But this event molded me into who I am today.

Because after sometime of feeling blue,

I felt I needed something new.

As I looked in the mirror, I said to myself,

It is time to move on, get ahold of yourself.

With no team to rely on, nor a schedule to follow,

I grabbed my skateboard and skated for hours.

It did not take long, I began to see,

I really liked being with me.

I loved the fact I was in control,

That's when I decided to learn to draw like a pro.

Today I’m an art student on my way,

I have hopes and dreams I will sell my drawings some day!

As I go through my life I will try to remember to strive for my goals, aim for the sky

Disregard failures and try,try, try !

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