I Can't See

I can't see, i can't see

Pinned up against the wall

I couldn't speak

In fact, I could barely breathe

Each thought sent a chilling pain down my spine

I can't see I wanna see

From the looks of it,

These memories of you would haunt me forever

But I can't see,


I realized it wasn't you I was afraid of

In fact all I wanted was freedom

I knew I was capable of winning

But it's hard to fight what you can't see

I based my victory on what was only visible to the eye

But all I saw were my chains


The pain had blinded me so I let my heart take control

Eyes closed...

Mind set on the better days

My heart was free

I used to think I needed you

But know I now they need me

Yes that's what I see

Their need was greater than mine

With a head held high I began to walk towards greater days hand in hand with those who were there for me all along

The things in life I really needed.

My chains are broken, I can see

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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