Letter to Black man



Dear Black people
When we ask about our history
They show us a black man on chain
Being flogged by another man of diverse color

Dear Black man
When we ask about our origin,
they show us pictures of apes and chimpanzees,
putting it like people with no history.

The truth of history Is that, I was not there
When it all happened,
Neither were you or anyone else;
We all got it through the leaves of notes well penned.

Whether it is a biased truth
No one knows,
Or probably a story told differently by those
Who claimed to have lived in the old.

Dead black man,
For so long they have interpreted our story,
Portrait it like people of no standard and value,
And making us live by what they say about us.

Dear Black man
Don't you know, HISTORY is HIS- STORY
and not yours, so his definition of you is not you,
And you can re-write who you really are?

Dear Black man,
They depict your color with something attack to evil,
Failing to know there must be darkness to have light,
And black is a representation of originality.

dear man of the opposite color,
When we address you, we do so in lower case
Because we are tire of you capitalizing on our tolerance as our weakness,
And treating us like we are of no class.

dear man of the opposite color,
Why do you capitalize on the work of the few Black people that you have influence over,
Why don't you give the flower to whom it is due

dear man of the opposite color,
Why don't you mention names like,
Patricia E. Buff the first person to do significant eye surgery,
Or the richest man to ever live was Mansa Musa of Mali.

dear man of the opposite color,
Why transatlantic slave trade is our only history you are good at telling,
But failed to tell how our grandparents built one of the greatest wonders of the world,
Making it like we were made to serve you at the table rather than eating with you.

dear man of the opposite color,
We are not trying to be a racist, but sad by the way you have treated us over time,
 We want to say we are tire and tire of serving you at the dinner table,
And we are now ready and prepare to join you so we can all have dinner at the table.

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