Self Love: The Tale of a Young Black Girl's Grow n' Glow

Thu, 06/13/2019 - 21:37 -- EmmieP

As a young girl I'd "see"

That the little white girls around me

Were what I should achieve to be


Straight hair, colored eyes

And skin shades lighter than mine

Is what I childishly thought I needed to shine


I would color myself as one of them

In hopes that they'd be my friend

And that maybe it would mend

The self hatred that seemed to never end


Fast forward to middle school

To when I thought being myself wasn't cool,

And how my insecurites grew because of the popular girls that ruled


Pretty hair, smooth skin, and a cinched waist

Is what I saw and what made me want to pick up the pace

Because it seemed that I was struggling to win a race

Where the prize was the most beautiful face


Little did I know

That in order for the pretty girls to "glow"

They had to show themselves off in a way

That was many steps too low


Pretty hair and smooth skin, yes

But the girls felt they needed to address other girls as less

In order to believe that they were the best of the best


Yet still my insecurity

Birthed more immaturity

Because to me, still, there was a certain security

To being deemed as "pretty"


Now, years later, I see the reason for my flaw

I was, for some reason, in awe

Of whatever didn't remind me of myself


Looking back, I felt sad

That I saw myself, a wonderful young girl, as that bad

However, the situation made me glad

That the self-hating fad was something I no longer had


Pretty face? Yes

Astounding intellect? You can guess

Beautiful soul? Unlike the rest

Me, myself, and I? Only the best


I grew to realize that my blinding glow was unlike any other

That's not to say that I think I'm better,

But I do realize now that I deserve the best

From myself forever and ever

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