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The sons and daughters of Satan live among us. They have built another Sodom and Gomorrah. Males with the minds of females infest the earth. And there are females with the minds of males.  
(Patois)   Wa kina nahsi ting dat dem a kom wid? Nuh bring unu batty ahgument tu mi. Mi nuh wahn ier nuttn bout nuh salamite. Kip unu batty bizniz ahn unu salamite bizniz tu unuself.
Straight people can be so nosy sometimes There’s always something y’all want to know about what I do in the bedroom. But at the same time none of you really do And honestly I don’t understand.
I am dreaming about pies Or maybe it was chrysanthemums Or the way your laugh sounds like distant thunder and I always loved thunderstorms.   I hear your breath in my ear to remind me that it is 7pm
I woke up; you are in my bones I’m thirsty with sand in my eyes I feel you wrapped around my bones Like cellophane under the muscles  Woven tight while I was sleeping   The night before you lured me
Why are prisoners not allowed to have sex with their mates of the opposite-sex? If a woman agrees to have sex with her man in prison and vice versa, The preposterous law does not allow this reasonable thing to happen
All my life I’ve been around Niggas who think they can take something  From me My skin Rips at the sight of them Their teeth
FlowersLilacs and cock, your hips are showingLilacs, lilacs, lilacsSports shirt is tight, bury me in your pitsLilacs, lilacs, lilacsHairy hole, cherry lubeShoppers brandLooking for a stemMoaning bitch, cumming on my chestHairy hole, I tied your st
Ya Know It's HARD To... " Come Correct "... !!! WHEN Your Descent Is What Causes OFFENCE... To These IGNORANT Heads... !?! BIGOTED, YES As Well As ARROGANT... !!!
She heard a fly buzz. Surrounded by anticipating eyes. But she’d been fed lies  To glamorize  It all just because.  
Now It's Simply My Vibe... !!! But Now I Believe That The Price Is TOO HIGH... !!!! To Have That HOT Wife Whose Got Those FIRM THIGHS... And Boobies SO FINE That They Actually BLIND... !!!!!
So I love y'all and y'all love me? I don't know, but I do believe, our worlds exist separately, together simultaneously. I'm not blind, but I cant see. What tf y'all want from me. Is it money, is it laughs, is it honesty.
So The Song Is WELL KNOWN... The One That Bob Wrote... Where These Builders Refuse To Use Head Corner Stones... They Now PREFER To Choose... The Stones That They Can USE Like A Pair of Work Boots... !!!
Okay Now Kids Yup... Here It Is... !!! That Spoken Word Ish' Mister Big Virge Brings... !!! Rhythmic, Cryptic... Fit When It Flows... To Equip Music And Notes I Quote... With Vibes That INVITE...
So Who’s The HARDEST And Who’s The Smartest... ?!? And Who HITS Those TARGETS Where Profit Margins Get Careers STARTED... ?!? WITHOUT Having To BARGAIN Like A WINGLESS Starling... !!!
Now They STRESS That In Chess.... It's ESSENTIAL For You To Make The Right Move... !!!
Okay... LISTEN Baby... ... " Ya REALLY DON'T Get Me !!! " ...
thumbprints left on my inner thighs, he opened me like his favorite passage. watch the plot unfold and skip right through to the climax.
I don't want to have meaningless sex just to get it out of the way. I want a love that's real, Powerful, Exciting. I don't want something that's based solely on physical attraction and longing.
So When It Comes To Poems... My Styles Are... FRESH... !!! When It Comes To Subjects... Like How We Humans BLEND... And CREATE... Children... !!!
So Who’s REALLY CLEAN In Our Societies... ?!? When It’s Clear Now That Money Is MOSTLY... DIRTY... !!!! Now By This I Mean That It’s Made By Teams... Who Are Prone To Deceive And Are Mostly WEALTHY... !!!
Ya Know I Exercise CONTROL... When Dealing Wid’ Ho’s And IGNORANT Bros’... !!!!! In FACT I Mean NIGS’ Who Are FULL of... LIP... !!! When It Comes To Things That Burn Like... CIGS’...
You and me don't say much verbally. We do all our talking sexually. But there's something I just gotta say Honey,don't take it the wrong way. Listen baby.Something just ain't right.
Ya Know I Pride Myself in Being... WAY ABOVE The... " Average "... The... " Average Joe "... With... " Average Flows "... The... " Average Bloke "... Who SNIFFS That Coc'... !!!
” Come On Now Bro ! You NEED To LET GO of That EGO ! "
This is a lesson about sexual relationships Everybody please repeat these lines after me: . Men should admire only women And women should admire only men .
Spend ten hunnid on a bitcoin I lost all my money in bitcoin I made it back but a what cost My wife left me...
I'm the shit I'm fartin', I don't know how to potty
Shit shit run down my britchs Gay sex with my bitches Play csgo got alot of lag Pull out the glizzie, i am a fag Heart broken on the floor I have sex with a whore Cheap vodka down the throat
i've always been attracted to challenges.   something about the chase,   the feeling of always wanting more,   the hunger that gnaws at you from the inside,  
hiding.   always hiding.   what are you afraid of?   what is it that you're running from?   i'm so tired of this facade.   i'd help you find what you're looking for  
I want to be the ghost in your world that lives in the warmth of a blanket  the slides around you as you watch TV  
your laugh is music to my ears.   i cling to your every word like my favorite lyrics.   you strum my heartstrings like you've known how to play your whole life.   somehow i already know the tune.
galaxy eyes look deep into mine in them i can see the milky way.   lips like beams of light create supernovas when they graze my body.   hands like planets orbit around my hips
Ya Know It's Quite The Ride... !!! The... Journey of Life... !!! Taking In The Sights As Time Flies By... I've Seen Myself Age As My Journey Has Arranged.... My Life To Dismay An Early Grave... !!!
Something we don’t know the cost of until it’s too late We don’t know the cost until it’s sunk No primal scream to warn us We don’t know it’s air until we try to hold it
Don't you dare believe I just 'left' you.My love will always burn inside of me for 'My Boo",For you're the first and only who I let take a chunk of me.​It stabs me inside knowing I waited 20 years for an AIT fling,
It can cure anything from a toe ache a headache But it's a decision that we make One in which another person's love and lust we take It's an expression, it's affection
These Days I Stay... “ Elusive “... While Some Would Say... “ Reclusive “ …
My life has been on hold for so long I didn’t even realise No progress has become the new norm While I sit here and wait for you to love me Like once upon a time when we were both so young
Ya’ Know My Poetry Shows … That I’m … “ Taking Notes “ … Yes … “ Mental Notes “ … !!! Notes of Quotes … Quotes From Those Whose Rhetoric Shows …
PLEASE .... FORGIVE Me If I Curse To Quench My Thirst ... To Poetically Let My Speech Run FREE ..............................
“Take me,” She said. So I took her away. I went inside, but not like they went inside. See, I didn’t make her suffer when I felt her flesh. They took away my innocence while I confirmed hers. You call me “girl” and call me “crazy”
She Was RIGHT She Was RIGHT … !!!!! My Ex Girlfriend Was … OH SO RIGHT … !!!!!! She Always Said, ... "Virge, you do realise, i'm low maintenance !" By This She Meant … A Lot of Hot Women Have Got PROBLEMS … !!!
These Days I'm ... " Hearing " ... LOTS of Things About Peoples' Relationships ... ALL Kinds of PROBLEMS Between Women and Men ... ?!?
What Is It Wid' Girls And Their CRAZY World ... ?!? Headspace FILLED With TWISTED Curls ... When What's Instilled Is FAKENESS' Served ... Upon Those Platters That LACK REAL Data ... !!!!!
So What Is The Deal With ... " The Relationship Game " … ? Because Truth Be REVEALED I Can't Take The STRAIN … !!!
MAN I Sure Can Pick Em' ... !!!!!! These ... CONFUSED Women ... It's Like I'm DRAWN Somewhat Forlorn ... Like A King That's PINNED On An Old Chess Board ... THIS ONE Was TALL ... Waistline Small ...
WOMEN ... Raise Children ... !!! BITCHES Have ... " Kids " ... !!! WOMEN Are Forgiving ... !!! BITCHES Have STINGS ... !!! BITCHES Will Say ... "Men aren't nice to them !' ...
They ... HATE IT Don't They ... ?!? When You ........................................................... IGNORE Them .....
Some Girls And Women Nowadays ... REALLY Make Me LAUGH .... !!!!! They CLEARLY THINK They're SMART ... So CHOOSE To PLAY The ... " CHASE ME Game " ... !!! Well ... "Not me babe !" ...
Listen Man … " What you waiting for ? " ... A Housewife And Mother Who Acts Like A WHORE … !?! Good Luck With That Man ... !!! If You Find One Like THAT TRUST Me She's UNIQUE … !!!
I’m riding hard your disco waves your beat was made to move me   your body pulse I dig that vibe we slide right down to groovy   Now holding tight hot tunes entwined
the American nesting doll opens up under pressure boiling till the tip oozes out spitting epiphanies of  progress onto the middle nation new obligatory pushes away from abstinence toward pink bubblegum
She's One of THEM Who DISMISSES Men ... !!!!!!! Because She Says She's INDEPENDENT ... !!!!! And In This Case THIS ONE Is French ...
LADIES If Men Ask You THIS ... "Would you like to go out, for a couple of drinks ?" DON'T Reply ...." I've got a boyfriend " ... !?! That's NOT An Answer To The Question ... !!!
I Could Write About Women Every Single Day ... !!! Because Their Ways Leave My Head ... SPINNING ... !!!
Do You Ever Get The URGE To Write Down Words ... Which When Observed Help People ... LEARN ... ?!?
What A Shame ... What A Shame ... !!! You Like To Play Games And CLEARLY Like To SNIFF Cocaine ... !!! Why Let Your Brain Go Down The Drain Why Be Like THAT Babe PLEASE Explain ... !!!
To Become English Citizens It's Been ... " Alleged " ... Some Women Are Willing To ... S P R E A D Their Legs ... !!! I Guess You Really Can't Blame Them ... !?! " Lunar House " ... Down There In Croydon ...
You Girls Who Play Games Should Be ... " So ASHAMED " ... !!!!! of Things That You Do To Get Your Own Way ... !!! You Play With Mens' Minds So Much of The Time ... That Guys Now Do Things That Aren't So Nice ... !!!!!!
Why Girls ... WHY ... ? Do You Like To TRY ... To MESS With The MINDS of .... " LOVING Guys " .... ?!?
I beg for the touch of a ghost  The parched throat of wind His hands command me Like a puppet The breath of his sleep Awakes my pulse
Girls These Days Are So Confused ... ?!? They Seem To Be In ... " Alices' Shoes " ... !?! YES ... " Wonderland " ... ?!?
What Is It With ... ... " Modern Women " ... ??? That Makes Men Want Them .... ? Cos' Women These Days ... Drive Men Round The Bend ... !!!!!
Stuffy nose, pale raindrops. Bloody crotch with cotton swab remains. Breathe in his scent and cough out the weed.Tight smiles with longing glares...toothless grins with bold hazel eyes. I'm craving. He's beautiful to me, fucking beautiful.
Behind closed doors she hides herself and what she has become,  the cuts, the bruises,  the angry words said - that should never be undone. But luckily she lives and so forgives "Him" 
You buy me flowers You kiss me on my cheek You take a shot of cough medicine And leave it on the sink
How love lies like sex  In my bed, the liar is you My  sex  addiction is and you.   The sun is dark blue  And all I see is in you. My love, heart. Look!     Pale ace blue.
“There is no such thing as safe sex, since no one can create a condom for the soul.” -Jayce O’Neal   To think that we are here,  Connected pelvis to pelvis By tubes and fluids
I felt love in all the wrong places.   I felt love underneath my clothes. Not in my heart, but the curl in my toes.   I loved the way you loved my body. You loved the way I said, "I'm sorry."  
She’s my favorite of the five senses Sight, smell, sound, taste, touch   Her face scrunched up Grabbing at the pillows Grabbing at my hair
Dear me from January,   It’s me, or rather I’m you,  But from six months in the future. Not much has changed— You still suck at physics,
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'} “so, when should we have sex?” her lips were cherry pink and quivering with insecure verve. (did she have braces yet?)
I grew up in a suburb I grew up in a suburb full of white people I went to school with only a hand-full of minority students
He’s ugly Smugly laughing at your voice Rejoice that soon you rid your life of him Skim the bodies of campus again and find one better Sweater weather is over
I’m hungry I’m always hungry Blame it on what you want but it’s just biology Humans, just like any other mammal, Need to keep their blood glucose levels stable
I had a red-eye from the kick and start pills I used,  coupled with a red hot bonner. It was half past six and I had gone 6 rounds,  lubricants from my last condom drained out.
Comin' up in this confusing world You're not sure if you're a boy or a girl You told me not to tell your parents But could your haircut make it any more apparent?   Somebody help me get through this
When I titled this poem 'ED', it doesn't spell the name Ed.I have erectile dysfunction, I can't take my wife to bed.I don't get any action because of this limp thing of mine.
What light lives inside you? A message, like a neck I might graze, Harder than cider to the tip of my tongue, Skin terracotta, and glance just as glazed,
Inspired by How It Feels to be Colored Me by Zora Neale Hurston.
My body became A vacant spot. As my emotions Began to rot. The love he gave, the Emotions were real. The "I love You's" Became surreal.
I see his face and her face, I see all the rest But do you not see the hole in my chest?   I hear his voice and her voice, I hear theirs too But darling, where's your voice? I only want you.  
The word "fight" never seemed to apply I see its far more than what meets the eye A promise made in youth that must live when youth dies And I fight. Oh, its a front and a facade - yes, I fight!  
You tell us nothing scares you more than death. You lie awake at night, after ending your prayers And stare At the meaningless body,
When you're told the cock in your mouth makes youDirtyLewdDisgustingLike a serpent slithering into your bodyBurning your throatAnd your soul   You would feel ashamed, right?  
S*x is human nature   Confiding in s*xWhether byP*rnO*rgiesOr just having it   It's all human nature   EveryoneExcept for a small but significant sumWants s*x
may I tell you what I I know?the sun beamed furiously on me today,I could hear her warm glowsun dry my skin like hay
I wasn’t made to beautiful I’m not some flower to be admired A perfume for you to smell I don’t have a stem for you to pick. I wish I could warn you
Try not to let them see you sweat, or in your case, glisten. But if ever your heart is heavy, your face wet, I'm always here to listen. Not just willing, baby I'm insisting. Let me kiss away, the stress of every day. Been working all day?
Hey you. Yeah, I mean you. Mind if I rant to you a bit? I know it’s weird of me to ask this,but I need to rant to anyone at this point.
Asexual is not a lie We don’t want attention No one simply needs a good fuck We are people too   According to biology sex is a necessity We disagree Sex is a pleasure But not for me
Today I painted my nails black so    next      time      I dig them into your warm cold,       indifferent back you might feel my anger under         your        skin and maybe my kiss might
I want you. I don't tell you but I think it every day. I want you. Putting emphasis on every word I say it three times over.  I want to kiss you unil are lips are raw and there is no emotion left to be shared. 
The Vulva Dress puts the notion of opening conversation and normalizing the vulva through fashion. The intentions for the piece was to strip down the functionality of the dress to completely focus on the folds of the vulva.
Be careful my brothers and sisters how you see your opposite sex, they appear like Angel's, and sometimes end up being the devil himself. "Be Careful"
It’s been the dry season 
The True Facts About A Woman And A Man       A woman marries for love, A man marries for sex. A woman is giving, A man is selfish.
What Is Sex Really About?   Someone once asked me, what is sex really about? Is it when a man climax and your name he utters out? Is it the intimacy of the act between a woman and man?
  Sweat, I feel it dripping down, wet. Heavy breathing  I close my eyes, hoping it’s just me dreaming. Softly touches me, I hold him tightly...   Trapped,
How is our baby bear? Is it healthy is it strong? For you two I'll never cease to care I don't care if chasing you is wrong You are worth the world   I wrote the poem to my ex
Even though the topic of sex makes me feel uncomfortable, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. For years in school, they teach us about sex between a man and a woman,
The soft breeze, the natural air, it's amazing. It's like it's making love to me. Saying it loves me, and cuddling with me. While the windy noises puts me to sleep, giving me a comfortable feeling.
There are two of me The first me – the real me – is a good kid Does what their parents ask, be nice to everyone, never push the limits The second me is a lost soul A body with missing pieces
Fiery is the only way to describe the feeling of skin on skin with you And the way your teeth find the underside of my ear Hands that wrap around each other like long-term promises
You scream and shout, and even laugh Laughing is just like crying, come on just move on Sounds of children calling on as they cut through the rye My head gets filled up with fear and it feels like my soul is falling But now you are racking your ha
It’s supposed to be a fun night Dancing with friends Hitting on strangers Having a little too much to drink
Do you remember that Embrace? Do you remember what was the case? I remember what you said after staying up all night, After seeing you again I have to remember you meant,
i don’t even know how many petals are on a sunflower but i’m sure you’ve picked all of my innocence off and the daisy is dead he loves me not  
metronome heart allegro to affrettando pump   hair rises like furtive ballerinas on strident piano keys  
Why am I the easy one when you too, were in the act? Why does my vagina limit me, to every single terrible thing just associated with sex? Why can’t a girl want sex, and not be a hoe? But he can want sex and get cheers?
Press against my begging blossom,  Reaching for  Thy tender kiss.  As I quiver beneath your bosom, Fill my womanhood With bliss. For I trust you with such bounty, Take away 
My body was a vessel for the male ego, An instrument of pleasure and of sexual gain, Until a sensory angel came into my life And turned sex into love again.   
Worship is a fetish. Worship rocks, worship animals, worship planets, worship stars, worship sky, worship ground, worship man, worship mind, worship everything you can wrap your brain around and then worship everything you can't.
"Where did the connection go?" He asks as he sits on his phone, his body language screams, "Engrossed in a world that's not his own."
The Weekend hits. Responsibilities are forgotten and people give less shits. Friday to the break of sun on the last day, we know nothing but how to play. But sometimes we play too hard 
As we draw closer, We become the naked vine. The two become one- Breath combined. Her skin so soft, like petals of a rose...His hands fall across her, like a gentle breeze blows. 
He wanted hot food and sex She wanted warm beds and love And they fell into this sort of dance Her giving him everything he wanted
Dear God,
When I was left heartbroken and lost people began to tell me that the best way to move on was to get under someone else. I thought giving my body to someone else meant I was moving on from you.
Being with you is like going to the symphony or wait, being part of a symphony sometimes I can't tell the difference   Sometimes I feel as though I'm watching and listening from the audience
I tell myself that it's just a little bit of spotting A teeny bit of unsustained bleeding Nothing more But it's much more than that It's almost like we're trying for a pregnancy   Again
To those who want witchery dead, Tread carefully, You could find me in your bed. When you're drunk on cheap tequila potions, And I'm lonelier than sin, I'll play up the magic
Sleep around player. Don’t be a pussy. Grab her by the pussy.   My legs are shut, Crossed, And locked with my chastity belt.
You were my first love, At least that is what I thought. You messed up my life, Because now everything I do is related back to you.
To him:   I dreamt of him Again Of his dark caramel skin On my porcelain white His soft hands combing Through my thick hair His full lips Pressed against mine  
To him:   I dreamt of him Again Of his dark caramel skin On my porcelain white His soft hands combing Through my thick hair His full lips Pressed against mine  
He says: “You’re beautiful” And I smile. He lies to me over and over again, But I don’t mind anymore. He’s the only person I know Who lies just to make me smile.   He kisses my neck,
As I look into your eye I see a fire, with that a hidden lock desire. When I touch your skin it makes me melt, making my body being to swelt. I tremble for what we are doing,
Tongue. Mine and yours. Mine on you. Body. Yours and mine. Yours on me.   Tongue. Seal the blunt. Hand. Roll it. Lungs. Inhale and exhale.
AIDS, AIDS. It is out there. Regardless of gender, HIV/AIDS taint anyone. AIDS test.
My roommates hosted a house party My friends were there Strangers were there There was alcohol Then there was you I didn’t know you You called me your girlfriend after one conversation  
a woman so full in her figure and bright her mind is the most beautiful presence on this celestial rock (her curves so soft) my hands stroking her thighs and gripping her waist she (moans)
I don’t know what sex is… I mean I obviously KNOW what sex is...but I don’t know what sex get it??
“Dating is a chain in which two or more people gather in an enjoyable, consensual romantosexual relationship.” That is what the textbook’s stating But let me tell you the reality of dating Now, don’t get me wrong
In a modern world, consumed by sex, one does not think of Love. It is only the minority that still practice love, real Love. Love is cute dates, Courtship, Kindness, kissing.
I first checked you out in school. I don’t know what caught my eye But it doesn’t matter because I was too shy And let you pass by for the fear you were “too intellectual.”
The most favorable flowers, Snipped from their leaves, Snipped from their roots   I want to hold you, I cannot seem to let go.  
I miss you,And by you, I mean that feelingThat feeling that once consumed my whole existenceYou made me feel whole,And brought me kisses down my backHugs that were so good I didn’t want to let go
the privilege of touchinganother person’s bodyconnecting skinto skin thisis the gift of aphroditesubtletya grace in touchingfingertip to palmhead to necklips to hand this poetry of silencebridge between solitudeand      something bettermingling of
Sex is such a given At this point, I wonder what else People will ever seek In a stranger. -ajh.
back in the day we used to pray today you say it ought not be that way back in the past was a blast you see today I'm as a mouse stuck in a maze getting stuck inside its cage
i gave you a chance and you took it you made me feel beautiful and wanted for the first time in a long time   i craved your attention i caught myself in a trap i had been in before
She touches me below the waist and   sends an electrical current through my entire body Passionate kissing One body on top of the other Hips rocking and squirming Stomachs touching
You move to unzip the back of my dress- (the white one probably, tight and very couture which might be irrelevant, but adds to the overture) -but keep pulling the metal tab down the gray train tracks 
Leaf falling down a tree A whole life attached to a native bough Clingstone to freestone, pinnate to palmate, Persistent untill the wind sets it free, Far from crown it goes now Hate's leaf scar on its state
A Traditional Goat am I A Whimsical Fish are you Yet so charming your kindness and mystique What ever was a pragmatist to do?   A bond of emotion Which took time to build Until the night
In the back of his head, he knows he wants more   than just sex from her. In the back of her mind, she knows she is exclusively   attracted to girls. They go ahead with it anyway.
I've watched your broad shoulders stretch outward, Listened to your beautiful quip of laughter, Traced the flesh of your lower back, And told you about my darkest moments.  
Giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, no take I thought that just for once, my heart would catch a break Break as in rest, but instead the shit shattered
Light kissing switches to   heavy making out switches to   hips rocking switches to  wandering handsThe lights turn offTo be continued...
The Storms we made last night Sent the birds flying To calmer pastures  Lest they feared dying   The Storms we made last night Shook the hotel to its foundations The chaplain surely wondered,
Innocent eyes, hope alive, secret desires, tongue tied, plastic smile, Manipulative mind, genuine heart, conflictive thoughts, emotions rot,
Talking to him he has never even heard of Blue Velvet But with you we discuss the details Small things He thinks it's his favorite Mine is Mullholand we discuss Mulholland is scary
When the luminous rays of the fireball so many miles away just glistens off of your brown skin...   It often forces the mind to wander to distant sacred places that can only be found within...  
Do you think it stopped?The yearning for your fingers against heated skin?Do I look like I have lost my feminine tensions?Do you think I have forgotten what it felt like?What any of it felt like?
Today I met a friend Someone Strong and funny and out going Someone small and frial. Someone faint of heart   I met someone knowledgeable  but that wasn't my friend
His hands are cold strings of light Mesmerized eyes with dark ash at sunrise Kisses that take more than give Mixed with a man's after shave and swear Warm underneath dearly painted lies
These bold orange nights are filled with whispers Bodies splayed out under an arrange of amorphous solids. Crammed fingers shoved under pillows hesitance before a plunge of forgotten silence.
You whisper delicate lines between each kiss I hung on like death   Everyting you do it toturous my passion burning within to the promised sunrise   The secret sweet
we are children in the dark,   only able to see by the light   of the reflections of our skin in the moonlight.  
You told me I have to play the game of society. If I don’t I won’t succeed as a writer, but a whore. Who is to define my intelligence by the purple marks of sex on my skinny neck? You?
His hazel soft eyes were enticing, Flashing their way through her soul. The feel of the valve.. A sure way to tell..! She couldn't stop the gaze Locked in his cage... It was forever.
You know, when I was younger I used to think that love came from melding flesh. That all you needed to fill your own emptiness was blood, bones and fire.
where did the minds of the people go? the minds that love the idea of loving someone giving yourself to someone, but not physically
Everyone says I need to get over you But I can't seem to convince myself were throughWe're doneWe're overJust wish I wasn't sober Wish I could delete the thoughts From my headBut somehow
The flow of our bodies begins to harmonize A chorus of grunts and moans crescendos   Urged forth by her begging eyes Our symphony climaxes behind fogged windows  
Like good Christians we go to church Like good Catholics we go to Mass Like our Savior we offer our bodies Natural and crass   We take our herbal remedies-We put on our armor That we may withstand
There was a shooting star So it had to be fate That I would let you fuck me   Romanticism isn't dead John Mulaney, a walk in nature, 
17 years.  I had been asleep for 17 years.  Lost in a world of dreams, hopes, and aspirations, I forgot that i was a teenage girl, almost out of high school, with no "teenage girl in high school" experiences. 
I have sexual feelings He has sexual healing I have sexual thoughts that need to be pulled from the heart I need my soul to be stole with one good stroke As he whispers He wants that good love
You make me think that I can't be free. Make me think I'm a princess, in a tower. Whisper menacingly in my ear that you'll eat my flower, make it sound like a good thing. I wait for you to kill me.
Bright light, lovely pale flesh, reflecting blue as the moonlight catches movement, as fingertips dance across flesh, hot and humid breath catching at the back of your throat,
I remember the taste of your lips, sweet,  and soft, reminding me of fluffy clouds, I didn't want to wash the taste of you from my mouth, I remember your arms wrapped around my waist,
Everyone's high these daysSmoking joints between classes That we can only afford by sucking dick and taking names because we are up to our armpits in college debt and drowning in self worth issues but when I'm high it's alright I don't have to thi
This song sounds like sex the beat, steady and rhythmic erotic, teasing   This song sounds like you
I fucked a man my best Sunday dress the very Sunday i claimed a curse the sin of gospel hymns chatter a sweet delight of sour broth of mourns and clatter
By day we are draped In dignity and class But when the night falls We do an ornamental dance   We take our Medicine We don our Keys with Ointment and Bags Only good must come from this
For a moment you W/As my Girl and Any Time, Any Place a Piece of My Love is yours in perpetuity bluntly put You Got Me; little did I know you would Teachme those Pieces of Me would Climax
Fuck my mind, make me cum to my senses  While I tempt your mind ass I make your body wait Slim waist, a phat tass, long black hair and a pretty face You turn me on YES! But I need more I hate to sound so needy
I told you I loved you over text. You told me you would love me too, if I had a penis inbetween my legs. I begged you not to tell anyone about what happened, and cried in the shower, wondering what was wrong with me. 
I want to bite down, bite down, bite down "I'm proud of you, you did it on your own." Bite harder. She's still trying to suck the air from my lips 
One evening, I watched two dogs mate The male jumped on the back of the bitch Thrusting away till he implanted his snake Deep inside the bitch’s haven to make sin They entwined like a recreational activity
One evening, I watched two dogs mate The male jumped on the back of the bitch Thrusting away till he implanted his snake Deep inside the bitch’s haven to make sin They entwined like a recreational activity
My pussy is sticky with dirty thoughts of you My mind is slippery with puddles of what could be true My soul is trippy, it possesses the glee and the gloom And my heart is iffy on whether or not I should dive into you
Hand on hand, skin on skin, touch touch Sliding in your fingertips, touch touch Blood is sauntering, energy is wandering Both through the passageways of my veins
Grass is greenier with bumble bees Depression goes away with some Hennessey Bonnie and Clyde were together to the very end You don't even want to be my friend   The alcohol and drugs don't mean a thing
  I write from a place that holds secrets Sex, alcohol, drugs, you know what the deal is We all lock it away to get a taste of freedom
I just got out of middle school Finally free from there But now have woken up and realized High school is about here So now I get to deal with Adult like drama Instead of Jake is dating Ella
You say Beauty comes from within, but you always make it about my body. You say Patience is a virtue, but you keep wanting to go faster. You say With age comes experience,
  2am Time for the money That's what she lived by Beautiful girl, Spiral curls that swayed at her waistline
In a quagmire of misery the girl wallows. Her feminism a bitter pill to swallow. It’s a man’s world, so a man’s code she should follow, Is a lie they tell her and if only the society would allow,
I hate the world. Especially when I find myself In an office on a hot afternoon   This is not my cup of tea. I am busy talking to people I couldn’t care less about; About shit nobody cares about.
It has been a long tiresome day . But for some reason, I don’t want to go home . Oh, I know why I don’t want to go home yet. I need to put a few in me first.
It has been one of those days, Where I don't care if she goes or stays. Deadlines passed me by, And bosses expressed their dissapointment. It was generally a day, Of emotional excrement.  
Sex is a duet, sonNot a solo songI plead guilty for singing alonePlaying my Organ all aloneWhen I was youngYea, I was wrong. So wrong!
absinthe kiss love drunk and it's green like we're both green clean lovers watching from the windows both lost and dizzy but so very much in jealous love ripe love new love
[Freestyle Slam] 7/12/2016 Grave me with the words left unsaid; that drowsy night under the light pole I was waiting for a man who said had loved me.
My little sister loved eggs. Every time we went over to Aunt Mary’s house, With her coops of cocks and chickens, She had to see some freshly laid Eggs.
You asked me why I am shaking.  Because I am unable to sit still with you.  I want to be closer.  So close the only air I breathe  is the air you exhale.  I want the only space I take up 
You’ve always told me that you get your best ideas  driving alone when your weary body slips into  your hypnotic state when your eyes  become the headlights that light the way
I lovethe way she shovesme down on the bed.Our heads/ spinning,with sweetnessbetween the sheets beginning. /
Skin, Raw, Going down between legs As far as the eye can see   Sweat beads Couch creaks And time moves slow   Fornicating in what was taught to be The ultimate sin,
I asked him if he wanted to  Learn my anatomy, And now I know his
He told me He was learning anatomy, I should have asked If he wanted to learn mine.
I had a math teacher  When I was in eighth grade We' d hang out at his house And play video games   I thought it was a little strange I thought he was weird But, he let us smoke weed
I am a girl, I think Sucking on the fingers of the sun and Crossing my eyes to protect my soul from demons   I am the child of lux conception, I think The flash of HD illumination lighting my way into
Sweating spoons settle in a drawer They're stuffed inside like sardines They kiss in there, they don't want anything more They're acting like "celibate" teens Those silly slippery spoons fancy spooning each other
I guess the reason I am the way I am is that from a very young age my vision of the world was cracked from sleepless nights  until dawnless mornings. I tasted my first sip of alcohol at a very
Baby Do better Cuz this lackin is leaving slack In My rope, don’t forget you gotta pull me up, Boy You got responsibilities, Boy
Daily rageJalapeño hateSons burn my eyesCradle my cockI’d chop it off if it weren’t necessary for children.It ruins my life.Such a sensitive sensory.Thinking with my dick
One love, two heads. One love, one bed. No legs unspread.  
Shit...that's all I could say on the night that my dad made us go different ways. I said it three times as I put on my pants, and he knocked on the window as you pulled out your hand.
Woke up this morning sweating Laying in a wet spot The heat must be on high Cause this house is freakin hot   I look out the window The sky is dark and grey I drank a lot last night
Laying in the bed  With my girl last night  Trying to get some booty But she's putting up a fight   She said "Leave me alone, and let me watch my show" But you know I can't stop
Young Billy he thought  That was he was in love With a sweet little thing As cute as a bug   Her name was Molly All points and curves So beautiful she was That I don't have the words
In the morning on the bus On the way to school I sometimes get a boner And it really isnt cool   Cause its hard as a rock  And I dont know what to do I try to pull my shirt down
Opening his mouth to receive the tender of her Legs, he knows not to taste the Inside yet. War is a calculated process. Victory takes many a stroke to be won. Intense is his brave
Poppies asunder put me under;A slumber bathed in deep, dark umber, Oneiroi aplenty approach me there;Company where there exists no air. Poppies given to me by you;Poisonous mixture, a warlock's brew.
You play me like a master.  Using dips and caresses to hear the staccato of breath from my lips.  Your name crescendoing as I reach my peak.  My body now shakes with the vibrato of the music our bodies made.   
Tears, sobbing, falling. Curled up, disappearing. Fading, caught, captured. Reaching, yearning, clinging. A gentle hug, stroking, calm. Then darkness, sleep… But no, wait, no, wrong.
Parallel Play   I. You once said that tearing off clothes is like peeling an orange, and that making out reminds you
Tell me I am nothing That's what everyone else does   Tell me that I am crazy for falling in love! Call me insane, because that is how I feel being in love when the love is less than real  
 your love; I am wondering if it’s enough. We said forever but I wonder if I am a liar. I wonder if my God has forgiving me for gambling your love. My heart would feel complete if I only fallowed through.
It's funny how love has a smell It comes when two bodies fit perfectly together Like long lost halves Pieces missing from a whole It's funny how long that smell lingers In sheets In clothes
Lights go low Go dim And I have never felt love like this Like your kisses on my neck and hands on my legs And I have never known love like this Like moonlight is the only way we can see
Let me fuck your body, make love to your mind. You do not critcize, simply coincide. Just like the leaves, you shall fall in time. Like success, darling, you shall be mine.
Give it to me Fingerlicking Oh Yeah This is heaven, you ARE my sin  It's innocence lost. If you got sny prettier, you can be my goddesse. Touch my heart but go a little slowly.
Summer rays continue to penetrate me as my sweat licks his body. He now penetrates me. The sound of his voice is hotter than this heat.   Needle like fingertips on my tighs and ass. This sin is scorching.
Our sweet generation lost in space Fuck you to the moon Pissing out of widows and raping the world in a single glance   Can you imagine all puckered lips and spit flying
Along  time we  go. To where? I  do  not  know. But  swift is our motion, commotion, and conversation about timeless 
The time has come my friends, for stories to be told for bridges to be sold and hearts grow cold. Dark caresses between sweet fingers. These smoke rings I blow shatter the crisp clean air.
Like little red running shoes Dripping with guilty deeds, Washed cean though water-sogged Deep within the reeds.
Lips a lullaby, soft words a few Warm Caresses, every cell on end Tongue strums, O so sweet a melody Fingers searching, finding every crevice Dark eyes, look straight into the abyss of love
  Breached bodies searching for common ground, Jocking for key positions your arms touching me now,Fully clothed no rush, Our minds are just on lust, Intimate sex, and trust,We get together...*shush, Her finger over my lips, Warm hands on her hips
What is it like to kiss?A moment of pure bliss,Of joy and ecstasyThat turns realityInto scattering starsAs you fall in his arms.  
We live in a world that's black and white,Wrong and right,And that's okay,Because I am a different shade of grey,
Thy heart is the parchment upon Which I burn these words of lust with the quill of passion Each cloud-like touch of mine, Dies to explore every inch of thy sacred valleys and holy arches If I had a dying wish,
A is for adultery and B is for bitches— the Cunts that Don’t know how to keep their legs shut. Egged on by eager men,
A is for a dirty girl, Banished from the Church, a Devil’s child, Excluded because of an unlawful Fuck.  
I fell in love in three days. In three days, I felt emotion radiating from your eyes as you gazed down into my own, softly cradling the edges of my heart as I foolishly let my guard down.     
  Pull heartstrings while you pull Hamstrings, Make me feel your presence in it's entirety.   Lungs aren't full enough for you to linger this long, but I don't care if you don't, and
There was a month where I smelled like cigarettes.     You were the month that I tasted like misplaced jokes,                                        who's punch-line snaked around my jaw;
You told me I made you feel the way I feel when I draw circles under my tongue,                                     but I'm not very good with new concepts.Driving the nails into the coffin of my inhibitions,
   Everyone wants to find the love of their life. We entrust a stranger with our thoughts, souls, and our entire existence. Does the very thought of it frighten you?
With chapped lips and an aching heart, I dream of glaciers drifting apart. Heavy tears freeze as they graze air, a blizzard arises as I feel your stare. I recall the first day you loved me, 
What even is a world without hate?I wouldn't know, this one sure ain't.We live in a society teaching us nobody cares,that nobody wants you,and nobody's there.Society teaches us to not like what we are,
We burnt out. Our flourishing romance withered away  leaving us both as ashes of the people we once were.  Without our vessels, we touch. Our ashes attempt to replicate our bodies,
Because you said i was beutiful i began to redifined myself, God began to work. You loved my inperfections, my weaknesses, my hurt. You loved my scars from the inside out so I let you make love me emotionally and physically.
He laid her in bed and swept up her legs, pulling her into his clutch.
  The music speaks volume crying out to live it all. It begs and pleads with me. Insisting I open my quiet heart.   With every rhythm, every beat my heart expands, it opens.
He fucks me into the mattress.
a heart beat is when the heart speaks i guess it says a lot about you when you come around a constant uproar as it pounds my chest im lusting for your flesh im lusting for your best
The way you touched my skin made me tremble. Your cold fingers swiftly carresing my cheek. The way your hands grabbed me from behind  I never thought one look would keep me silent
I'm lost and i been that way for so long, i bear the results of these years and i wear them as scars. Mistakes made and good intentions gone wrong,
Your lips give juice from the sweetest fruit. Your dick gives pleasure like an unworldly treasure. Your soul is not humdrum; it's much like the sun.
take it off so i can take you off you squirt like a fire hose on full blast i love the way you ride me and how you bounce that ass as our lips contact our bodies overheat
How beautiful to see A smile with no teeth Laughter from the trees Gentle chickadee
It is a painful memory To which there is no remedy. I cut you; you don't bleed. No eyelids, you don't see   That I cannot breathe, And I am on my knees,
It will be gone b
I am addicted to you By the way you make me feel. That feeling that makes me say oh. You have to know that the ecstasy is real. Your hands all over my body, Playing it gently like so.
it starts with hot breath   he leans in to kiss her  
Heart speaks
Her touch is a push and a pull, It'll have you losing your mind and at the same time heal your soul. A savage she is. She'll claw you like a piece of meat, While the beast in her kisses your lips.
My skin with yours Your skin with mine  This lovely little  Pantomime   Heaving Breaths Thirst for more Take down the masks  That we once bore.    In the past, 
My tongue is a desert
If you knew the things you do me, You wouldn't get enough of me. 'Cause no matter what, I'll always stay. Take me, babe. Make me your sex slave.   I like your very vibrant mind.
My American psycho likes to kiss. My American psycho likes me to be his. My American psycho needs me to love him. My American psycho is so stupid.   He has a dark, dark soul.
Throw me on the bed and rip my clothes off. Give me hella head and force my legs apart. Put it in slow and then fuck my brains out. Cum and sweat all over, I shake and shout.  
This poem ends in periods before disconte
Food, drugs, sex, booze, work,
Once a disassembled existance, I was burdened within a gyre of unending thought. Pressing through time with little resistance, I did what I pleased, knowing naught   Of the troubles to come,
It's funny because I said I had dad issues
beautiful proud black sister can I lie to you like I so often do tell you it was your point of views that led my eye to you or your genes that fed my believes that  I’m the perfect prime mate for you
His sweet skin has outlived its expiration Finally, it has soured, from the moment her lips touched. Undeniably it had to happen someday: the outside will always creep on in.
There is a surge in the universe When you are in a moment completely, When you meet a soul in that moment too. When I shared infinity with you.  
I am a millennial, a ‘Y’ Part of the Global Generation Born between the birth of AIDS And 9/11  
Tingling sensations oing through my ear and your distinctive lips draws me near. Vibrations going through me bed. Is this love or lust instead? Wake up early in the morning and i'll be here
you call me  home not a vacation house for you to visit on holiday or rent out but home. and home isn't solely where the heart is. perhaps it begins
i thought i'd quit you (knowing all the well that if you showed me the least bit of attention i'd come running back) please come get me of course, i come running to find you
and you used to come here with me- but i guess that segment of our relationship has  come to a close and i don't know if i can wash the taste of you out of my mouth forget the scratch 
Young lust Simmers deeper than a gigantic tidal wave The vivacious fusion of the two bodies Begins to peak into the uppermost realm of infatuation  As they cover each other with outer warmth
Everyone is so obsessed with virginity.  They ask: Are you still a virgin? How come? You're not? Who'd you lose it to? When? Where? How? But I ask back  
  I am controlled by this Bryiana, What story has my face have told? Her very presence sends a chill of electricity down my spine
It’s not as if I've never been here before   It's right there in that chair that you realize tears are imminent
Words so deep and enticing I can make a 30 year crack addict quit pipin' Metaphors so colorful and bold that I can make a blind man see and spell every color in the rainbow
I lay my head on your shoulder, Cuddle with you while the day is over. I lay my hand on your chest, viewing you as a form of protection, my vest. Clearing my mind of the rest, in that moment, I realize...Im yours and your mine.
In the moment, all I wanted was you I was drunk on your smell, your taste, your empty words Your touch was gentler than I thought it would be Your intensity sent shivers down my spine, which
After 7 shots of vodka I believe that you become the person that you are too afraid to be--  That's why I take off my clothes and you open up your heart.  I'm too afraid to give you my body 
I remember every time I walked by this house my
whistle my entire existence is contingent upon
Notice all the old folks, hear them say What happened to the kids nowadays? Sitting on their ass, shorts way too high Lying, cheating with pants down to their thighs This is the age of the young, wild, and free
I miss having hickies; you still leave me  love notes, once in a while.   But never on my skin.    Love is not love when you have to think about it. 
And once again I'm given the chance To live my weekend To that dance. We all know How last time went, My reputation Is a little bent. So easy to go  With DJ, I wish I had
I feel that maybe seein' you go was a wakeup call. A wakeup call to reality. That grownups sometimes have no choice even if they get down on their knees.
An extraneous hope for merciful redemption These queer mice lurking behind harrowed shelves  Rapidly engage between bones crackling beneath the hands of lost worship;
You walk in, my eyes, blinded by the vision of God's most perfect creature. You say to your homegirl... I’ll be RIGHT back. I could use a lil snack to soak up this liquor.
in a room where darkness is like a thick mist in the air i slowly slip off his shirt i caress the smooth skin on his chest his neck my lips lock his as he unzips my jeans 
Your demeanor fooled me. Thug hood hard ass sending chills down  my spine I despised you at first glance
Sometimes when we are standing alone in the kit
Inside of me, there is somebody.   It is me mentally, me behind the physical me.   He/She runs a circus.  An affair of all kinds.   He/She often comes out to play, when someone on the outside catches his/her eye.  
I am not broken Because I need things to be just right, Because I worry about the little things, Because my fears are unrealistic. I am not broken, you just don’t understand.   I am not broken
Why don't you go and call me baby. My lips are pink as valentines, I know.  Honey, it might be a bit of a shock  He'll make you bleed but- Foreplay helps calm any nerves a LOT- ! 
got to see you so i can feel you touch you in every way i've been wanting to fulfill those dreams i've been having times 2 giving you them warm lovely kisses down your neck  chest
smile on my face as i look deep within your eyes giving me a window to see what's in your mind and all i got is time for you baby and it's just love well shit i don't want to lie so
You may not know me,
Deeper He presses himself Into my thoughts Thighs Fluttering, blood swirling, Thump  Thump  Thumping  heart. He speedily presses his 
Your tongue was too bitter for my senses So I attached my lips to the hollows of your hipbones instead And counted the number of breaths you took in the spaces you once filled with "I love you"'s,
A young beautiful girl,Had a big heart and bright future,Set her priorities and goals straight,But fell in love with a mister,Told her there was much in store for her.She was naive and eager to see,
When will my body ever be good enough?
Lonely is not a word that I like to hear,  it echos in the vast silences that are filled by lies,  Lonely is a storm shadow cast over an empty jungle gym,  
They whistle and howl Am I just a piece of meat? Faster, wolves devour   Note to Reader: I am a woman. I expect to able to walk down the street and not fear for my safety. I am a woman.
I never told myself that I would wait Nothing against the people that do It’s actually a good character trait But it’s over, it’s done, I did it with you And now a little part of me feels somewhat consumed
Nobody had to tell her that the taste of blood was metallic.   She figured it out on her own when she slid the blade across her skin and licked at the crimson poison to try and desperately hide the slit of evidence.  
It was tempting, he told you he loved youBut only if his lies, you were able to see through
We see you, the ones who think your unseen, yes you,not just the outside you,but the inside you the one that tries to hide, you think we don't understand or know how you feel,
Hugs are weird Hugs are strange I do not want a hug No, no not now or later. The thought of someone engulfing part of their body around mines just creeps me out.
Naw, see, a woman is not a sex organ. She is not determined by the swell & ebb of her breasts, the pinch of her waist, the tide of her hips or the surge of her thighs.
she loves me; she loves me not. she promised she'd stay, but then forgot. roses are red, like cardiac death. violets are blue, like cold nights without you. it's never enough just to keep what she's got,
I hold within me, the answer to Everything within me is a reminder of How much do I love thee? That word speaks volumes. Turn up the love, turn down the Confusion. Illusions of our supposed
We fall in love by our senses. By the way he smell so good where you can still smell him after he has left the rom.
Do you ever just sit and think...
baby you’ve got an erection while i have a urinary tract infection this is not a deflection this is me saying maybe we don’t work at the same time darling
How Would You Like It     How would you like it If I told you
Hey Ms. Sherry Can I top my sundae With your cherry I like you Can I suckle the honeydew Will you give me something good to chew Can you be my bee Let me taste the honey
"I'm not like other girls," she saysAs she layers on makeupIn her too-short shorts and revealing tank top.She’s going out tonightAnd all her friends will be there
Since when did sex equate to romance Equate to love Equate to marriage and holy matrimony? Can’t early morning “breakfasts-in-bed” And cuddles at 4 in the afternoon Watching the happenings of the world
When a girl loses her virginity, Why do we act like she’s lost her dignity? The very fact that we say she’s lost something seems to suggest That by having sex her value is somehow less
Eyes sore, pierced from what I've seen.
Beautiful, strung up in the center of the room, leather caressing his wrists pulled tight like the blindfold pressed against his eyes. The centerpiece of a mouthwatering feast.   Suspended,
As I child I would speak
Baby Girl!! What are you doing?!! Do you care about your life? Being a mother isn't easy Being a single mother is harder Being a single, young mother is damn near impossible.
My precious innocent self, How could you let him manipulate you in such a way? He was no good you from the start, but you told yourself you will not let it go to far for I know my limits.
We both know how I feel about you
Something to despise A distraction Until I saw your eyes Fully unaware of your attack But still not a single care Suffocating through your intoxication A thin foreign air
I have a rough draft all typed out of what I’d say to you if I ever got the courage to tell you how I really feel. It’s sitting there in my notes, and I see it everyday. It’s short and sweet
The bringer of life, god, all give respect. A cave of birth, a cave of delight, a cave of all. Vaginas are normal, part of everyday. Everything comes from them,
Brown Eyes They say after suffering from trama you loose memory of what lead up to it But those Brown Eyes I remember darkness cold and bright Brown Eyes
My baby is an original, ooo its such a miracle how she makes me feel.
I am trapped.I am scarred.
Is this really what my heart has become? A lock that only your trembling hands hold the key to.
Everything is just way too complex,Especially when you’re always trying to walk away the best.
Everything is silent here.Baby, let me take away your fear, oflove.Love is lost, love is found.Love is short, love is far bound.
If we could ever say we are truly in love?
She's the girl with beautiful browm
Give me your love
I know I can never have you.  But the thought that I can at least grab you, makes me smile wide with lines that could go miles.  Your past is bad, worth vials.  I miss you and you miss me.  In the time we spend together somewhat happily.  None of
She searches her heart, and she follows her mind.
Home is where the heart is My heart belongs to you Home is where its safest I am safest with you Home is where love is My greatest love is for you Home is where its most beautiful
(another silly poem I wrote in high school)
(wrote this in high school, next two this friend of mine who changed a lot)
Across the way you gaze at her to see that someone special The instant feel that overcomes in you, you become so sentimental You’re nervous and you’re twitching as you look upon her beauty
Why are people so obsessed with desires of the flesh?
Some people dont deserve the life they live meet tanya  shes thirty-six, with three grown kids saby fathers absent claimed that they aint his so he up and left for his next mistress
She stands on the corner, barely 18 Hasn't showered in days but waits Waits for a man who needs an illegal touch The body of an adolescent becomes tainted She looks for independence on an incredibly tight leash
  People today focus on superficial interests They have a focus telling them that Sex is success Wealth is success Vanity is success Popularity is success
I’m not afraid to feel again To be touched by the fingertips even though I have no idea what they have felt before Even so I want to feel your heart beat against my hand I want your voice to cover my anxieties
You'll never know How desperately I always wanted to grow up When my parents wouldn't let me act up Only telling me to hush up, Cause the kid I was, was never good enough.
Hannah was late coming home this evening. Traffic was slow and she had trouble leaving. Work was hard and she hadn't any time
I don't want to make love "just because".Or as you say, "do it".Reasons why I don't want to "do it".
You want to love me? Prove to me your ability. I'm stronger than most men, You think you can handle me? Ha, prove it to me. Push me against the wall, Rub you rough hands Against my soft skin.
Let me tell the tale of a frail child,
Huff and puff the good stuff Inhale the good  Peace 
It’s time we change, isn’t it?
When I lean into your neck and a sigh escapes my mouth, I am trying to tell you how to touch me.  
Hands reac
She cries when no one is watching She acts like everything is okay She lets you think that she is strong  When deep down inside she's nothing but torn   She keeps her distance
Let me tell you straight,I say yes you say noI say come you say goI hide and you showI inhale while you blowDifferent….
  After we done she clap for me bravo,
She closes her eyes until it is over and hides in the shame of her room. She won’t tell a soul for fear she’ll be shouldered, and scorned for her frail defense.
She didn’t wear a turtleneck; She looked at me once; She sat on the opposite side of the bar: She asked to be raped.   It comes from a tree; A tree is a plant; Plants are green:
If I could change things     She would not fear alley ways In her new short skirt
Intricate Beautiful Lovely You   Fragile Broken Shattered You   Looking in the mirror I see imperfect beauty Because nothing is perfect
you pull me into a web of reasons why we should you say its not that big of a deal
I feel it.   Burning from within A rumbling desire Images and scenes flash by in my head Your hands all over me   Everywhere.   All lips and tongue On me, in me  
Pressure against the head Singing in the ears Daftly numbing words are said   Hearts thumping loudly Chests exploding And pounding soundly   Finding a crevice to please
When we live in the freedom country,
A scary feeling that no one can bare. You're looking around while the world stops and stares. Confused from the terrible news, the people don't care. A world, where people never can prepare... for.
This is the end to what I thought would be forever
What is bi-sexuality? How does it taste? Is it like ice cream? That I prefer both flavors of chocolate and vanilla?!!! The soft sexy curves of a woman The rock hard muscles of a man
The budding feeling in the fleshThe feeling of what's in the chestThe feeling you cannot beholdThe feeling that lingers and unfoldsThe transient feeling of the air
I’m haunted by my memories. The memories of us, the memories of you. Your smile, your laugh, the look you would give me, the sparkle in your eye that gave me a hint as to what you were feeling.
A vagina is a percious jewel? Seriously? And what is a penis? What is its mythical powers? Why does a woman have to explain her sexual history, intimacies and etc?
Everyone, everywhere love me, desire me let me be in all of your wet dreams and fantasy men, women, all
Truly enchanting rhythms chasing my heart
When the bubble filled, fall-into-your-eyes-love-and-affection stage of this relationship fades away what will we do...we have children and each other. We aren't making "sweet love" anymore, but getting each other off.
Have you ever wanted to write a poem for someone because having a normal conversation just doesn’t work for you?
There's a tired young girl There's a strong woman There's a frail, bony teenager There's a big-boned athlete. There are girls and there are women
I always say I am giving up
I didn’t fall in love I saw him and I fell on my face Arse over tit, head over heels Tumbling over my handlebars and headlong into something that I didn’t understand but that he did I did not fall in love
Pull my hair back and lay me back. 
You say you love me when you're on your way, not there yet, but you're coming.Release your poison on my spread then tell me that I'm stunning.The humidity overwhelms any chance of fresh air.
Letters and emails
The touch of a Crush    - so enamored & amorous still Certainly real w/ authenticity & setting so seductive That I would be Washed between two passions Two loves
  This poem is written from the standpoint of a girl who has been raped/sexually abused in the past and is now speaking to her lover years later.
Only the age of twelve Was she When sold into the commerce of Sex slavery   Misfortune and injustice are All she’s ever known Her purity, untimely taken away Her own body overthrown
If he doesn't know now he's gonna know its sweet you love em I'm sweet he loves me he's beat I'm on it  you creep but I love it its up it's down I'm all around you you want it
Glistening rubies, tear drop in shape,Indifferent as to how they fall.Slickening down brown sugar planes,Into a puckered black hole.A violent take,Against all restraint,A cry on crackling lips.
His kisses are tender, sweet but they reek of lust He undresses me and our eyes lock I feel that he is taking a journey into my soul but he is just wondering "Which hole?"
I was once a little girl,
LOVE. A four letter word that once had a world of meaning. LOVE. A four letter word that means nothing to this current generation. LOVE. A four letter word used to obtain personal desires.
In the morning light A Poem by Larry Cruikshank
You can hide behind makeup But that doesn’t mean you’re a woman Your mind is engulfed  With subjects that your mouth shouldn’t speak about You find joy in opening your legs
"This is a very intense poem that is true, and it is very sad and painful going through this.
Once again
On the rooftop of a closed shop, He thought hops to her tube top. Nonstop they both spit swap, And the next prop is the countertop. Him on top, Again nonstop, Until the condom pops,
“What do you mean he forced you to do stuff?” she/he/they ask me with an undertone of doubt
I am a fifteen year old girlRaising two children in a poisonous worldOne is barely learning to crawl and the otherWatches my parents pay the bills with alcoholI depart like always to buy the usual
  The night she will always remember   Her eyes wide, the lights dim around her Silence
Couldn't anyone hear me? 
It doesn’t matter to me Where you want me to be I want to be free and fly And I don’t even have to be high As I fly from here through the sky On my way to the ocean Where the steady motion
It’s never really about sex, is it? Then why do we care? It’s never really about sex, is it? Power.  Closeness.  Acceptance. It’s never really about sex, is it?
How young How naive How stupid How trusting   I was to think everyone is honest   False promises Demeaning attitude with simple words words I ignored  
Her favorite numbers are 9-1-1Her favorite words are,"NO,STOP...please"Her favorite position:begging on her kneesHis favorite numbers are 2-5-1-8
The giant sleeping in the roomIs what  I'm wearing today.Barely covers the end of my assAccents self with too much skinTied up in fishnetToday,My body is mineThis outfit my body.
Yuh think I can't break yuh?
She said it was the most consuming thing, the way he would flow through her, and every word she sang.
When I was a child, I wanted to be a dancer. Twenty hours a week, ice packs and recitals. Dreaming of a stage with a full house and applause But what I was missing, was working towards a cause. Forward.
Your wink and smile, Curly hair and tan skin, Your beauty is such a sin, Especially that devilish grin, Your heart is mine to win.
Dear Mom and Dad, how are things with you? Has everything been alright?  Did everyone sleep tight? Me in a shell, to tell you the truth, I can't complain, it'd make things worse.  Am I under a curse?
  Dear Teacher,
Eyes flowing with invitations and implications Slightly parted lips begging to be met by more A pulse beating a rapid rhythm so rowdy it's almost audible Orbs soft and malleable Made for manipulation
I'm a 17 year old girl from Brooklyn. When I tell people that I don't say it with a smile. Instead I frown. I look down at the ground that I walk on everyday in Brooklyn I fear for my generation
Everyday, I wake up, I shower, I  get dressed, add a spritz of cologne. I go to school, work, the grocery store, hoping someone will notice me. He, them, half the population. I scream inside my head "Please!!!! Notice me!
            In this day and age, She made love With the wrong man— Her father. A love without consent; A love filled with hate; A love that brought new life. He slaughtered the life—
When I first met you I was determined to be your friend Everyday I'd come over Just to see you again. I'd do the sneakiest shit To see if you would smile It's the most fun I've had
Little hands they have, my sister Born from Mountains and blackest coal Created by those that so proud, dig for righteous living in dark holes   Little minds they say, my brother
  today I was driving and there was a 
  and for a moment you
You ran to me for comfort about him, but I stole that kiss from you on a whim. You still easily get lost in my "beautiful brown eyes", so when you say you feel for someone else I can't justify because you lie.
Mr. Sly, your master plan congealed; the thrill of playing the two-tier game is a flaring, formidable forcefield, are gruesome goosebumps hard to tame that fixate instinct on this path
  I-AB-STAINS-                                                                                   I do it for me. It is my gold, my pride
Oh sweetness! Dear sweetness, you belong on my lips just like on my hips Grab my laps,put them up Against the wall hear me gasp,they won't shut up Oh don't you dare Pull my hair 
Maybe if you didnt tell us sex was the be all, end all Maybe the sucubus  wouldn't have such an intoxicating call Maybe if  you helped us understand and not just say "It's wrong"
Hello it was nice to meet you,I known you all my life,We grew up together,You was like the brother i never had,Every weekend and every summer i spend all my days with you,Riding bikes, going swimming, playing video games is what we did,But i never
I once knew a boy who eyes like the ocean, like the sea, like nothing I had never seen,And I could not help but crave him, in every sense of the word.So when he sat beside me once at a party,
When I walk down the halls, nobody knows the secret im hiding in my heart. It happened to me a few months ago, but you don't know. I make you think everything is ok by the smile on my face.
Her face just puffy and full of hurt,her eyes full of tears, tears that just can't seem to stop flowing out.So many voices going through her head, telling her that her life would be better if she was dead.
Your legs wrapped around my head, Lying on your back, lying in bed. Gently kissing your inner thighs, Looking up, only, to see you sigh. Don't stop, please keep going,
When A woman lays down and gives her innocence to a man it's described as beautiful When A man takes advantage of the privelage it's often usual Being A good father to your child is unusual 
Its that drip of sweat that's stuck on his neck slowly making its way down to the bed My head lays calmly relaxed But my mind is in a wind and a fuss Am I doing enough? Should I touch?
  Maybe you just have my hormones going That’s the reason my blood is flowing So quickly and you got my pulse thats pulsing So quickly you got my impulse going I kiss you and my whole bodies glowing
  Upside down crosses and middle fingers The taste of my last cigarette and rebellion lingers I’m holding his hand in mine and a bottle in the other Just because we make love doesn’t mean he’s my lover
I am broken. My skin, my soul, my heart, my mind. I am broken. I am wounded. My heart has been stabbed  and Is bleeding out of silence Crying hoping someone would see…. But they don’t. 
Her curves lips buttery  smooth hips. Her tender  hands hair in soft strands. Her thick lump thighs. Her want-me  eyes. Breasts so soft supple
She was a good girl  an innocent child, new to the world thrown into life with no clue what to do  she tried to stay pure, she tried to avoid the real world problems and troubles
A word that many kids seem to take advantage of Who really knows the meaning of love? Teens are too naive to realize the main truth Guys don’t understand the meaning, we aren’t sleuths
I can't feel a thing, sitting beneath another cold wind.Smoking an orgasmic note,Slips between your moan. Watching the night take another one.
Do you really expect to get the love of your life? When you don't respect yourself, You post half nude pics, and say “I give bomb head,” and yet You dare to expect respect
What happened that night was so unexpected, She did everything to make him stay because she feared of being rejected, She thought she was with the Prince in her dream, A Cinderella Story wasn't necessarily the theme,
He makes promises that are well kept and groomed and I don’t forget about them awarding him with credibility; closing my eyes to any negativity about him. Nothing is definite,
Did you think about me? Did you think of how I would feel? Did you think of my shame? No, you didn't. You made me hate myself. I washed you from me. I washed myself from me.
Lost in a fit of insane incest, you woke me from my slumber, forcing my face to the pillows, hushing my tears with your murmurs, your eyes stood out vivid, yellow, with veins of deep red, your sweat matted my hair, & mixed with stale tears on
Once upon a time a boy loved a girl, He thought she owned the whole world, So he listened to every word she said, And slowly, but surely, he climbed into her bed. The ache of her absence is more than he can bare,
I used to believe in 11:11 wishes,  Used to dream of midnight kisses,  I believed in these things and much more,  But all that was in a time long, long, before,  Before the boy ripped at my chest, 
I fish my hand in the bowl and pull out our psychology group’s topic.Sigmund Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development.We find it in our books.Their chins sink to their chests.
  It is 11:36 at night and I hear rihanna speaking from my phone claiming that she will take care of me. Isn’t it ironic that the picture message being downloaded into my phone at this very moment is the picture of his dick?
Preface: This poem was written during my first two weeks here at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. I had a theory that when I went away too school that I would never sleep alone again.
Hail Mary, full of grace Keep me safe in your embrace When did life become this race of who could wear the shortest skirts and tightest shirts
Loud were the sirens crying outand loud was the body that wanted to be let outWanted to be free and do whatever it pleasedNot knowing the regrets that it would reap.Loud were the warning bells that seemed to shout.
Attraction In it lies “action” Meaning your plan needs some traction To find your satisfaction Kiss Causing sweet sweet bliss Something you cannot miss Or else you will be dissed Love
Dear World Where you have to pay extra not to have chemicals in your food Where not being the most obese country is an accomplishment Where Nicki Minaj's butt has more hits than Mahatma Ghandi
    I've never been a patient soul. So I know that patience is a virtue. When I ask you to wait It's because I know that the result will be virtuous.   I don't like seeing you this way.
He Pushes And Pushes Pressure And Pleasure Promises Of Love And Forever She Leaps off the Edge Falls Into His Arms Good  Beautiful Painful Though He Never Cared He Pushed and Pushed Broken Promises Of Love  And Forever She Fell Over The Edge  Land
I want what I be not So busy trying to fill the gap in which Was left It be not his fault My spirit be mine and not his at all I long for pleasure and happiness in who has what I have not
Hi new friend Tell me how ya doin’ Very pleased to meet you My name is Influence Do you believe in me? I’m sure you don’t But I’ll show you some things Your parents won’t!
 Thoughts running amuck.Growth is more than physical And the mind is new. Each year creates change, Development begins withA sensual feel. No more baby talkOnly, "I love you baby",Hormones befall us. A rumbling force,yet the day a calm Monday.Ther
Where have you been?Where have you gone?I sing sad melodiesof how i was wrongand i can't even dreamwithout you in my armsso its best to believewe just dont belong
What Is this thing we call love? I don’t seem to understand Is love hurting the one person in your life who did everything for you? Or is love getting a girl pregnant & leaving her?
“You smell like cigarettes”, she said.   “That’s because I smoke”, he said.  
What ever happened to the innocent hellos? And the guys mesmerized by a girls eyes.. The days where you had to ask a dad for a date..and he decides yes or no.. And a first kiss meant everything..
Looking at you I have no fear Thoughts of our sex seem so clear. Kissing your lips, wiggle out tongues Sharing our saliva, running down my lungs Move to my neck and start to suck
Like flowers growing in the winter, you want to know my secret.  A rose growing from concret, I'm unique. An incomplete puzzle, I'm the piece you need.  A book with no pages, what is my story. 
  Swinging my hips side to side like they ain’t got no business Looking at your lips, they can make some mean Caribbean kisses Dreads mid-way your back
Roses are red and I am not a poet and I am not an artist and I’m not the glue that sticks to your shoes andYou should choose your friends more carefully and
When I heard that you were sexually assaulted, I mourned for your childhood. And perhaps that was not the best response. Because you have not died. You are still very much alive. I guess I’m just sorry
As she danced for her audience of one, beads of sweat dropped from her hair.-I danced for him, like I never had before.
When I found out I liked boys I knew I would be boy crazy Every time I liked one, another one seemed to amaze me Then, when I found about a relationship, it would blaze me
Sex was my escape, my way to feel loved, my way to scream, my way to forget about whatever was going on around me.
What would you say To us alone in the woods? Not simply to fuck Rather instead alone to pretend That we Are alone in the world Together we Can find a rock in the stream
I want to lay my pain in between your legs I want to forget about the things going through my head Why don’t you invite me inside your bed I want you to seduce me from my hurt I want you to think of me as your first
Across every sea, someone is finding that one that's meant to be. Across the night's dark skies, some little girl is wiping her eyes. Because she's a victim of a broken promise.
no, no more close the door cause now i'm on all fours ready for the physical tour this tense desire all day i bore and i gotta explain to you what's in store but first learn me on your lore
Yesterday I dug out the box I hid when I was 15. It was covered in dirt, worms crawling on it, and smelled like a dirty homeless man. I was confused, though. I didn’t know how to open it. I completely forgot how it worked.
An exchange of looks, Aging man with false promise, You came and you came.
Asha Neeman grew up in the suburbs of the big city, Always making others laugh, She was so witty. A great athlete and a straight “A” student, Every boy wanted to be with her, But hated her prudence.
In a field full of dandelions, you grab me and say "love me or love me not", you throw a long stemmed flower at me and questionably ask "lets see!?". As I pick through the petals and I jokingly shout "love you not!!",
Deep moans drift in the room. Liquid hunger screams from my veins. Acid leaks from my lips. Agony drips from my head. I am wounded, and all I want is more. more of her to heal my pain,
Untamable This space is cold The name I chose became the main chain-reaction to maintain with a brain too strange for the average face to smile at so brace and don't hate just cope I came to hold
when we're in the mood when we're in this place when the temperature rises and our hearts start to race and in between heavy breathing accompanied by low moans
The morning comes and you're already on my mind. From the moment I wake up, 'til i got o sleep at night. You're so far, yet so close. I want to meet you, but im tremulous. At the thought of you near me...
(poems go here) you are the hollow point seething with anger run you red with paint crossing fingers like a heavenly saint this was the end, this was the path. virtuous and trivial, all the same
See that girl sitting over there? Rumor has it that in the ninth grade she and a senior boy with a movie poster face and a Hollister body went at it in the bushes at Sarah Something-Or-Other's 18th birthday party
I just need to feel wanted, that's all I'd ever ask I'm that teenage whore that you adore, the one behind the mask You don't even have to ask me please Because I'm already on my knees
It is so magnificent and gold the key in which you hold the lock that it fits in is skinny as a tiny pin it is not worth money or cents for inside it hold a women's... innocence
The sound of his breath loud The springs of the bed squeak The tear rolling down my face Just the rhythm of my heart beat The memories come flying back I never thought I'd feel like this
I've never met Prince Charming Never had a "noble knight" I am my own stability I've been my only light You've killed me with your lack of words I've suffocated in neglect
She was never the type to fall in love Rather fall into bed "Having a good time" was one of her mottos Got what she wanted then fled Hell no she didn’t want no ring on her finger
It's a sad sick world we're living in Love is a word thrown around carelessly And here is where the story begins
Women. The creature that used to make a man fall in awe The Creature that made men drop their jaws We used to inspire ballads and poetry Now it is solely pornography We even once held surprises
I miss the innocence in elementary 
 when we were k-i-s-s-i-n-g 
in a tree, you and me, 
because I’d rather worry about cooties than an STD. 
You see,
 when a boy liked a girl, he could almost guarantee
peeking eyes feigning sleep gripping tight too much to breathe lost in thought caught in possibilities leading us to the move....
i am disenchanted i don’t care about your world of illusions with its love that isn’t; it’s just romantic
Wait Because if you feel uncomfortable If you feel frightened And if you feel like you have no choice It's not the right moment Don't let anyone fool you It's ok to wait for Butterflies
tell me if those rappers never promote drugs would you be taking them? have you ever asked your self is this really who i am? tell me what good do you get from those songs ?
I take one look at you, your curves sliding from left to right, 2 parentheses on either side. Your independence strikes me. I like it. Constant. Never changing. But everything has 2 sides
He was just a little kid blonde hair, blue eyes playing in the back of the church like usual waiting for mom to say it’s time to go. He doesn’t notice the girl with her short shorts and blue shirt
Communication is free. You would think communication cost the way communication is key. But you don't like communicating with me. You rather fornicate instead and give communication the D.
(poems go here) I am in your presence The air between us is so still yet the "once in a blue moon" breeze cuts through my thoughts I close my eyes; trust my capabilities of moving two steps forward
Uh. Uh. Agency. History. Word. Here we go: United States, United States Tryin' to show the world its pretty face But 'merica's history ain't always a pretty view Open Zinn and Russell and let's review
Red, the color of passion Red, the color of hate Red, the color of pure blood Red, the color of a curse Outcasted by the world, His body is my hearse 
some people disregard the actions they make. many tend to forget the opportunities they take. but when it comes to love, and the true definition. they don’t know until it’s gone, that something was missing.
She was only fourteen or fifteen when she Lost her virginity to a Soul-sucking heathen who she refused NOT to believe in. And, she thought she wasn't worthy, Deserved to be deserted,
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