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Let me fuck your body, make love to your mind.
You do not critcize, simply coincide.
Just like the leaves, you shall fall in time.
Like success, darling, you shall be mine.

Vibrations, sensations are between my legs.
Wetness appears when I imagine you lay
Ing me down. Suck my body, kiss my face.
Come here, come in, cum inside me, babe.

Smile danced on my face, you asked about my day.
You said I was beautiful, didn't know what to say.
I guess it's hard. It's hard to love myself.
It all fades with you. A feeling that no one else

Can bring. You make me warm like late spring.
You make me dance more often and get louder when I sing.
Sustenance called happiness is a powerful thing.
You say everything ends, and the notion makes my soul sting.

I wanna wrap my arms around you, rub your back till you fall asleep.
Find myself believing, never doubt you. I wonder if you doubt me.
You make feel so wanted, so special. Are you out of your mind?
I'm not seeing what you're seeing. You or I must be blind.

I wanna touch you. I wanna love.
My body's never craved so much.
I wanna please you, make you cum.
You can see all of me. We can have fun.

It's not just the hormones, though they be raging.
It's the warmth, the attention that you be paying.
Maybe we will, maybe we won't, but I am praying.
I'm praying you're not playing, praying that you're staying.

I imagine you lying on my bed.
I'm gonna get on top of you and give you head.
Then I'll put it inside. I'll push it in real deep.
I can't cook so, for dinner, my pussy, you can eat.

We can go from serious, to silly, to hot phone sex.
You stimulate my mind with things like life and death.
Some things should be left unsaid, so I'll keep them in my head.
I'm scared that sometimes I feel dead until you call again.

You laugh about nothing.
You show me something,
Something that's beautiful, innocent, and pure.
Your perfection ain't deception, impossible to ignore.

I cry about nothing.
I show you something,
Something that's tainted, shameful, and deranged.
I'm afraid that my ways will make me fall from grace.

Can you feel it too?
Obvious connection came with no detection.
Do I want you?
That's a silly question, never keep you guessing.

Let me feel your mind,
Among other parts too. Boy, I'm feeling you.
Baby, cum inside.
Make love to you, is this feeling true?

Fuck, I'm so scared,
Can't find nothing to compare.
My thoughts, I wanna share.
Let it flow? Do I dare?

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