Say Something

Do you ever just sit and think...
Do you ever wonder if someone is 
Wondering your thoughts?
Do you ever feel worthless
Even though you know 
You're worth something?
Are we all together now
In these clouds of thoughts 
That tend to repeat 
Though discrete
And never shared
Someone kills themselves 
Like they never cared 
All because they never spoke
Rather choke
On the lies they held
Hoping they'd somehow escape 
Or burn in hell
Now you're at the funeral
Maybe wishing 
You were next 
Tired of this
Life or death
Rather just be free
But how do you know 
You'll ever really be?
Pain is not the solution 
To the mass pollution 
Of your illusion 
Such confusion 
Rides the mind
Which turns like a clock
Tick tock 
Trying to make it stop 
So you drop
Leaving everyone 
You would of said


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