Seein' You GO


I feel that maybe seein' you go was a wakeup call.

A wakeup call to reality.

That grownups sometimes have no choice even if they get down on their knees.

That grownups sometimes have to suck it up and move with a smile on their face, even if it isn't in their heart so as to not just lose it.

I'll miss seein' you every sunday talking about my everyday life

I'll miss seein' you get your hand ready to rufle my afro even though you know I had gel in there.

Maybe their right.

Maybe I am crazy, but sometimes this shit sucks when you feel closer to someone elses father more so than your own.

 But you never thought I was crazy.

You just knew that I was a 17 year old that longed for a father-son relationship, someone to look up to. . . . even if I am taller

On my own

The Broadway production called "Life"

WOuld be incredibly difficult if I didn't have someone like you to give me the closeness I craved.


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