What Her Mother Didnt Know


United States
30° 44' 3.4152" N, 90° 25' 52.9428" W

Across every sea, someone is finding that one that's meant to be.
Across the night's dark skies, some little girl is wiping her eyes.
Because she's a victim of a broken promise.

He told her she was his only
&& that she was all he wanted
She believed it; longing to feel loved.
He was all she thought of.

If you love me you'd give it up ;
is what he told her just to get a quick bust.
Thinking it'd bring them closer made her feel high. Being her first, he had that title.
A boy with no heart made hers feel so dry.

She starting reading the bible and found out ,
she should charge it to the game
& pray because all boys aren't the same.


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