in a room where darkness is like a thick mist in the air

i slowly slip off his shirt

i caress the smooth skin on his chest

his neck

my lips lock his as he unzips my jeans 

and the seal is broken when his tender mouth works its way 

down my neck to the buttons of my flannel

and as he unbuttons each delicate little lock with his teeth 

i weave my fingers through his hair. 

i toss my shirt on the floor and am that much more exposed

and i leave marks of passion on his neck and collar bones

while his hands travel from my shoulders to my lower chest

and i let out a soft giggle as his fingers dance along my rib cage.

my pants slip off like a skin that protected me from risk

and he gets up and kneels by the side of the futon 

letting me do the same to him.

as he traces lines along my scars,and kisses them slowly, suddenly,

i panic.

but he holds me and tells me that its okay

and that i am not my demons

and it changed nothing

and suddenly

i am more comfortable than ever before.

i lie back down on the old futon 

and his hands go on adventures around my body

from my collar bones

to my breasts

to the inside of my thighs,

he pulls my hair

as he teases me 

stroking me fondly

leaving me quietly begging for more







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