The Club

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 11:35 -- aconner

You look like a vaudeville show gone awry

And I can't find you beneath the mask of your last act

You talk and you talk

But you're not even listening

To the whips and the daggers spilling out of your mouth

But it's your parents liquor that really drips from your lips

Just one more sip

Just one more sip

And now they've got you higher

Than those platform heels you kicked off

When you started getting busy

With the boy across the dance floor

Does he even know your name?

But you let him slip the dress down off your shoulders

And now the secret's out

Victoria’s no longer the holder

You keep playing their little game but sooner or later

Somebody's gotta win

And baby let me tell you

It's gonna be them

They tell you to look perfect and they tell you not to think

Be the stupid, sexy pin-up girl

Who doesn't mind a drink

Now sign along the dotted line

To see how we have fun

Don't mind all that fine print down there

That's it, you've joined the club

They suck you in

They suck you down

Let you slide further and further away

Until the "you" that was stamped to the stars between your eyes

Has slunk back into your skin

Back beneath your bones

Back under your organs

Until it is hidden so deep that you can't remember where you put it

When you wake up at 3 AM

With the circus and the symphony pounding in your head

Was it all worth it?

Does the club really matter

When you’re dead?


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