Heartless Activity


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some people disregard the actions they make.
many tend to forget the opportunities they take.
but when it comes to love, and the true definition.
they don’t know until it’s gone, that something was missing.

he underestimated, the love she held for him within.
he didn’t realize they were meant to be more than friends.
she was conceited, and took his love for granted.
she uprooted his heart, in her he had planted.

then there’s the one, which love never founded.
but they longed for that feeling, nothing ever amounted.
to the pain that i felt, each and every day.
yes, it was me. love never crept my way.

i still think to myself, that it will soon be my turn.
another year passes, another lesson learned.
happiness doesn’t come with love’s spontaneous action.
love is somewhere present in your own heart’s satisfaction.

people look for love in all of the wrong places.
girls want bad boys, who only want third bases.
boys long for pleasure, and think love will come later.
but really in the end, who will be your heart’s saver?

nobody in flesh, nobody on earth.
so while you’re still living, find someone’s who’s worth.
your kisses, your time, your love, your trust.
wait to fall in love, rather to plunge in lust.

stand by for the pearl of your shell or the apple of your eye.
don’t go chasing that “cute one” every time they walk by.
because where will that get you? but yet another disappointment?
there’s no cure for broken hearts. no diagnosis, no pills, no ointments.

think back to the time, when you had your first crush.
what was your intention? i doubt it was to lust.
you wanted to impress, and make them think you were the best.
every time you saw them, your heart pounded out of your chest.

you blushed when they smiled, and admired them from afar.
you constantly saw yourself with them, and wished upon a star.
you envied that one girl, who he talked to and always laughed with.
you didn’t even know her, and hated her. every last bit.

you told your friends about him, and how he was soo cute.
and didn’t care what they said. because you knew he was just for you.
you got the guts to tell him, the way he made you feel.
but you both were just too young, to realize love was real.

so cherish those crushes, even if they seemed petty.
hold them in your heart, and rekindle them slow and steady.
one day you’ll remember when love was so pure and clear.
and that special forever someone, will forever be near & dear.

don’t be discouraged, stand in faith and belief.
and when someone exits your life, view it as relief.
everything happens for a reason and a purpose, you see?
don’t be a victim of heartless activity.


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