Why should I smile ?


1076 bergen ave canarsie, brooklyn
United States
40° 37' 44.0688" N, 73° 54' 59.328" W

I'm a 17 year old girl from Brooklyn.

When I tell people that I don't say it with a smile.

Instead I frown.

I look down at the ground that I walk on everyday

in Brooklyn

I fear for my generation

They stay with these fake imitations of what a perfect life should be.

Stereotyping every




creature and beast.

Why should I smile ?

When the "Brothers" that are my neighbors are walking around

Playing a knock-out game

Disgracing other peoples loved ones with a firm punch in the face

and then they LAUGH.

Why should I smile?

When the people my age, 

I'm supposed to consider as "friends"

Point the finger at the wrong of a female that didn't even want her body to be exposed online

Why should I smile?

When making money the "Fast" way 

Now for these young women and men

Is making money the RIGHT way.

Why should I SMILE?

when theres children in middle school

Talking about SEX,DRUGS, and MONEY

Believing thats what life is all about

REALLY why should i smile?

WHY should I SMILE?

When pointing out the obvious

When clearly stating the truth of my generation

When being genuinely NICE  

is a mean gesture

I'm too ashamed to smile.

So i wonder if can ever smile and be proud

of saying: 

I'm a 17 year old girl from Brooklyn !






Expressing the facts about the thing in my everyday environment as a 17 year old living in brooklyn, new york. I also got to reffer to current things happening that is scary such as the knockout game. Which is the game where a group of teenage or a gang of people walk and punch a old person in the face. I found it degraceful to have to live in a placce where I love but can't even walk withoout fear. I always have to be alert now, and i think thats sad. I should be able to walk home from school not fearing anything nor should i have to fear the life of a family memeber that lives in brooklyn.

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