Heartbroken Nymphomaniac's Nightmare:


United States
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(poems go here) I am in your presence
The air between us is so still yet the "once in a blue moon" breeze cuts through my thoughts
I close my eyes; trust my capabilities of moving two steps forward
Alone with no help on this journey as I explore and study you
All of my love, all of my emotions have jumped three steps backwards
From 0 to 60 seconds, the temperature changes
There's no net but here I am in safety.
Your embrace.

Forget last week's yesterday
I want to know "What can you do for me right now?"
You hold and lecture of what can be done but there's no proof
All the muscles in my body create a shield and force you to move backward
sIt wasn't intentional but I've been here before
The touch, the smell, the feelingsI told myself
I wouldn't come back but here I stand resisting only out of fear
Vigorously, I shake my head"No more I say, I promised"
It vanished in one night
I felt real in one moment and let all emotions vanish simultaneously
I've created a façade so no one would know, but you see past that
You see a human
No I'm not perfect but I want to be at least 1 step before closeness
Just to hold that smile a little longer so no one catches the tracks of my tears

This isn't an ordinary affair
It's an extraordinary affair
I have the chance to express all of being onto your soul's cast
You have the chance to walk in my shoes for make love's time without actually being in them
Well, ha, I've already left those by the entrance soon to be my exit
I can see you tried to impress but last minute procrastination doesn't make up for lost progress
It only slows you down
Call me bougy but I know what she wants
Hunger never lets me sleep, especially her hunger

Pardon me, but I want to be your hourly need
Standing there you look at me, saying "Devour Me"
But you gotta be careful with words like Devour Me
Because Im a big girl and we tend to eat and lick the plate clean
5 mins later...Im like What the fuck?
What happened to your rally when you screamed "Baby, I can go behind and dig out your gut"
As you can see, I still got the belly, so one question, Was you thinking about Melly or Shelly?
But I deserve this and its what I get, trying to fuck the frustration out of my system
Trying to fuck the pain out of my heart, same bullshit that motherfucker put in from the start
Im the heartbroken one but being the nympho
Im just tagging along for one more ride, so i guess you can call me the share
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my nightmare

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