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Everyone's high these daysSmoking joints between classes That we can only afford by sucking dick and taking names because we are up to our armpits in college debt and drowning in self worth issues but when I'm high it's alright I don't have to think when I am rearranging my room to be a little more zen likeWhen I have the windows open and my hair down and the lavender incense burning to cover the skunkThat's where I find my peace  Everybody drinks these days Shot after shot with 14 year olds who have a higher tolerance than their fathersEvery slip and slide of a Long Island iced tea makes the slip and slide of bodies easier when you dance And every dance makes you a little more drunk off of possibilityBecause everybody knows that you don't own your body for shit anymore With hobby lobby and the governor and god damn TexasBut when I'm drunk it's okay When I have my hair up my skirt short and the hands of a stranger on my waist That's where I find my peace  Everybody's fucking these days  Friends with benefits and one night stands litter our carpet like candy wrappers Sweet for a while but now just gone  Because no one has time for a real relationship and everyone is going going to hell already and we still have these hormones the meds can't fix  But when I'm satisfied it's alright When my skin is bare and my bones are aching and I'm smiling through a cigarette That's where I find my peace  Everybody's medicated these days  Prozac and Bluspar and Lithium lined up like colorful little soldiers on our counter tops  One two three the doctor says four five six And you throw in an extra for good luck    Because everybody has to laser focus and be chipper and hold hands or they won't get into college    And no one has time to cry at night when they have three AP courses  I know heroin junkies happier than 4.0 students  And I know five people who tried to kill themselves this year  And I know four people who lived  And I know three people who could afford a hospital bed  And I know two people who tried again  And I know one person who didn't have the chance to and I miss him everyday  See we're all struggling for that 36 and 4.0 GPA and perfect 500 word essay we are bleeding cash into a system that doesn't give a shit and we're all killing ourselves for this and everyone is cracking    But when I'm drugged it's alright   When I have my hands loose my brain off and my eyes wide Carefully calibrated doses in my bloodstream and a passive smile on my face I'm resting in peace    

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My community
My country
Our world


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