'Til Next Time, Lover.


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The morning comes and you're already on my mind.
From the moment I wake up, 'til i got o sleep at night.
You're so far, yet so close.
I want to meet you, but im tremulous.
At the thought of you near me...
...under me...
...in me...
Sometimes i wonder how it'll be.
You and me.
Maybe tonight or tomorrow
we'll have fun and borrow
eachother's bodies.
I know you from the internet
And thats all I've experienced
with you. You being sweet and careless.
You're so fearless!
Sitting there withy your naked self,
telling me things we'd do during sex.
Your eyes are amazing.
Your smile, so astonishing.
I want to bite your neck
and suck your head
'til you bed me to stop
and I get ontop
of your marvelling body.
We become a little sweaty.
The pain of you in me turns me on
So bad that I'm screaming, "Ryan! Ryan!"
and as we orgasm together
we fall closer
one last kiss
one last touch
'Til next time, lover
That was fun.

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