It's a big deal- CHANGE


There's a tired young girl

There's a strong woman

There's a frail, bony teenager

There's a big-boned athlete.

There are girls and there are women

The young girl sits in silence, she doesn't know she can say no.

"What's going on?" she asks.

The strong woman yells, with nobody to listen.

"Why was nobody there?" she asks

The bony teenager is drunk, and can't slur out the words to make it stop.

"It was my fault" she says.

The athlete trusted him and feels hopeless.

"I should have seen it coming" she says.

Another woman says no, but he forces his hand down her pants.

"He didn't actually rape me" she says.

But that shouldn't have been happening,

Somebody should have been there.

It wasn't her fault

And there's no seeing it coming.

Rape is rape

He needs to realize it.

She has to get somebody.

She can't let him get away with this.

He got away with it. Every time.

He can't keep getting away with it.

Let them, anyone, hear your cries.



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