Dark Powder


United States
34° 12' 0.2988" N, 84° 5' 26.61" W

An extraneous hope for merciful redemption

These queer mice lurking behind harrowed shelves 

Rapidly engage between bones crackling beneath the hands of lost worship;

A hamartia laying transparent across my unbecoming skin


Sampled lust and blustering marks,

My cape is tattered and tonight's game of 

Chase the atlas of woeful sins

Crawling soundless inside my eye sockets when I cannot breathe


These pivoting raids of uncanny startles leech upon furrowed stares

And sometimes,  my phobias become alive 

And I stay awake with tears forming a salty barrier  

In which, I cannot feel the numbing affects of my antidepressants 


So, a smudge of makeup and pearl to gleam

My hazel eyes stand tall

As the burning fat eats my looks away

A vile of black pixie dust, I hide away between


Older men's jackets and their tight socks

To cope with a manic army forming inside my lungs

While young ladies leave home for tea and coffee breaks 

For a tired drum beats below my teeth


So, a smudge of makeup and stained rouge across a splinted smile

My teeth shown white, but my pants stayed unzipped

While roaming fingers wanted more

As I needed more


Than a hand or a punch.

To many bruises left untouched. 




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