Playing Anchor


Once again

Her face has just swallowed

his fist


Once shocked features

Have now melted into resigned


Hollow eyes turn from him

Ignoring the truth


If she was strong she'd walk away

And keep walking


She tries yet again to revive parts of him that have long been dead


She pulls to him

Places herself in his arms

Arms that have also been her cage

She plays anchor

Holding him in place

As he falls in on himself

She supports him

even though it's wrong

even though it's her blood that stains his hands

even though his actions caused her scars


She weeps for him

Weeps for the monster he has become

She massages bloody fist

into crimson fans of surrender


If she had the courage

she'd uproot herself from him

She'd know

that she shouldn't feel alone

when he holds her

and that

she shouldn't feel too much bone 

and not nearly enough skin

She'd know

that there is too much they will

never be


Even when it was just them

in that black curtained room

in nothing but their shells of self

she stayed 

As she washed her blood from his hands

and as his treaty swirled down the drain

she stayed

As he digs in and rips her open once again

she stays

And waits

until it is once again time to play anchor


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