True Success

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 21:03 -- Shan95



People today focus on superficial interests

They have a focus telling them that

Sex is success

Wealth is success

Vanity is success

Popularity is success

It's not, Have you gotten laid this week?

It's, Did you get laid tonight?

Why?...Who cares?

That's the unfortunate part

Most people do care and that's the measure of success

What would happen if the world decided to collectively reject superficiality?

What if success was measured differently?

Loving people became successful

Being trustworthy became successful

Following your dreams became successful

Believing in something greater than oneself became successful

Having intellect and an education became successful

The world would change dramatically

Then again, to assume the world could ever change completely is irrational...right?

But what if one individual at a time chose to look at success differently?

One person at a time decided to value LOVE, RESPECT, FAITH, PURITY, and having CHARACTER

More than they ever valued SEX, WEALTH, VANITY, and POPULARITY

How would the world change then?

How would people measure success then?

Will you help everyone find out?                                                             by Shannon Hollis


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