This Is It (Adult Content)


This is the end to what I thought would be forever
As best friends though, because we would've never been together
You found every reason to say no and not give me a shot
I told you that I' do what I'd have to and my word is all I got
I told you that I loved you and you supposedly loved me too
Anybody could tell that wasn't true
Goodbye to those long nights when you'd hate me for not getting any sleep
It's 2am when you let me in so up those steps we must creep
Goodbye to the sex and how close we came to making love
Including those times I didn't wear a glove
You loved the feeling oh so much just like taking the last sip out of that cup
Well look where we ended up
Goodbye to our unborn child taken away by an unforseen miscarriage
I didn't plan on having a child until after marriage
I couldn't make you my girl, let alone my wife
Talk about a decision to change my whole life
Goodbye to our so called friendship and being beni-friends
Yeah, friends with benefits that became benefits and not friends
We talked less and f*ck*d more in places of all sorts
You'd break through my jeans, sweatpants and then get to my shorts
All for what?, Oh my d*ck
My chocolate, lady pleasuring stick
Was it really worth it, cuz look where we are now
We get to this point, say it's my fault, but I don't know how
You say that I don't get it and I'll never understand
I asked you to guide me, help me and hold my hand
That was too much of you to ask
It seems as though you didn't want me to by myself, and you want me to wear a mask
I couldn't do certain things or talk about certain topics
It was always something you didn't want to hear or just me and my dramatics
I'm just oh so immature and not on your level yet
There was so much that I just didn't get
It's clear that this wasn't meant to be
So simply I'll say Goodbye to you and me... 


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