I was once a little girl,
With morals. 

Your love makes me fuzzy,
Slip in and out of conscious thought, 
Maybe I'm not prepared for this,
I've been doing things that I said I would not.

I am now a big girl,
With morals?

No, you're not really kissing me,
Not really licking seals on private letters,
But we're playing pretend, like we did as kids.
And didn't we want that to be real? Better?

I might not be so big.
I might question morals.

I'm certainly enjoying this, playing along,
And I do really love you more than words can say,
But I'm lost in our words, unsure of these movements.
And what the Hell are we going to do when this isn't play?

I'm still a little girl.

And I'm still scared.


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