Your Secret


You may not know me,
But I’ve always known you. I know the type.
You’re someone who thinks he is invincible. But you’re not.
You aren’t a superhero; you’re not the guy everyone wants.
You’re a criminal. You don’t deserve popularity.
You don’t deserve honor, or parties.
You deserve a jail cell.
But instead, you do whatever you want—
Whenever you want to do it.
And I’m not the only one who knows your secret.
There are other girls just like me,
The girls you take advantage of.
Maybe your friends don’t know it,
Maybe that’s because you haven’t drugged them.
Maybe you’re still popular because they don’t know your deepest-darkest secret.
They don’t know that you’re a rapist.
The worst kind—you’re the guy that’s gets a girl drunk 
beyond her own rims of reality.
She has no clue what’s going on when you take
Everything she has away from her.
First her awareness;
Then her dignity & self-respect
What kind of conscience do you have?
It doesn’t matter if I tried to scream,
It didn’t matter to you that I was crying
Punching and kicking until my body went limp
I fought back until I lost control over my own body,
My own rights—And then you took them all away.
I didn’t have a decision.
And you told me it was my fault.
You said “maybe you shouldn’t drink next time,
You should’ve known the effects of alcohol.
It makes you slutty. It makes you do things.
It’s not my fault if you remember it wrong. 
You said yes. Your body said yes.”
But I remember, I was conscious though I couldn’t move.
I remember, you said yes. And I said no.
“No” is a word that is fluent in more than one language
A word you understood and simply ignored.
But I know your secret—I know it well.
And your empty threats, will not keep me from setting it free.
Your secret, it’s not safe with me.


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