Caribbean Kisses



Swinging my hips side to side like they ain’t got no business

Looking at your lips, they can make some mean Caribbean kisses

Dreads mid-way your back

Your manly scent stands the hairs up on my neck


Your eyes glisten with the moonlight

Making it impossible to resist and fight

The urge to feel your rough gentle hands on my thigh

Baby you have a natural high


Hand in hand the wind between my legs has a mind of its own

Creeping in my panties the swirl of air makes me moan

The subtle way your thigh rubs against mine

Engulfs my heart with the deep tones of a baseline


I can’t read your mind but somehow I think you can see my thoughts

Your body follows my mind there’s now way this could be taught

Looking in my eyes like you know my whole history

Like my deepest darkest secret is no longer a mystery



You give me life on the dance floor

Sweating lust through my pores

Breathing your presence I have to step with a purpose

The sand beneath my feet has turned into a cloudy surface


Who knew this night would go astray

But I can’t complain I must say

Even though this dance may end

Your Caribbean kisses will forever wend


My vision of the morning doesn’t need a back up

Nothing but the sweet sounds of nature will wake us up

The ending of this night’s adventure

Will only be the beginning of our future


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