Sleeping Beauty

17 years. 

I had been asleep for 17 years. 

Lost in a world of dreams, hopes, and aspirations, I forgot that i was a teenage girl, almost out of high school, with no "teenage girl in high school" experiences. 

Until he came along. 


He opened my eyes to a world of romance, and I opened my heart to him. 

Swept into a universe that revolved around him, I lost myself. 

Forgot that I wanted to go to college.

Forgot that I loved to wear make up and dress for myself and no one else. 

Forgot I had friends.

Forgot I had family that wanted to see me for more than 10 minutes a day.

I lost myself and everything I loved.


6 months. 

It was all magical, and rainbows, and unicorns for 6 months. 

You can hide the pain, and the tears, but you can't hide the truth. 

He played you.

he only wanted one thing and as soon as he got it, he was bored and left. 

And so he was gone. 

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