Lies in the Dark

Tears, sobbing, falling.

Curled up, disappearing.

Fading, caught, captured.

Reaching, yearning, clinging.

A gentle hug, stroking, calm.

Then darkness, sleep…

But no, wait, no, wrong.

A stolen kiss, a hitch in my breath.

Anger, fear, awe, grief.

Relief, release, repeat.

Hands, lips, warmth, heat,

It burns, screaming, stop.

Don't stop, make it go away.

Chase away the emotions, the pain.

Take what you can, since

You can't have what you want.

Make the feelings vanish,

Like dandelion fluff in the wind.

Pretend they've gone, left you in peace.


The sight stops your heart.


The smile that lights up your world.

Radiant joy crushed.

For a time it is mended, whole.

At least on the surface.

Keep it secret, keep it safe.

As long as the truth only hurts


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