"Confused" ... (Sexual Content !) A Poem written by Big Virge 26/9/2005


United Kingdom

Girls These Days Are So Confused ... ?!?
They Seem To Be In ... " Alices' Shoes " ... !?!

YES ... " Wonderland " ... ?!?

Well I'll Be DAMNED ...
Before I Fall Into The Hands ...
of A Girl Whose Life's A ... " SHAM " ... !!!

Saying One Thing But Doing Another ... ?!?
RUSHING Home To Watch ... "Big Brother" ... !!!!!

Girls Like THESE Should NOT BE Mothers ... !!!
Because Their Child Will Surely ... SUFFER ... !!!!!

Suffer FROM Her ... " Confusion " ... ?!?

Come On Girls I'm NOT The One ... !!!!!
Mess With Me And You'll Be STUNNED ... !!!!!

NOT With Violence or A Gun .... !!!
But With THIS ... Simple Wisdom ...

WAKEY WAKEY ... Rise And Shine ...
Face The World And Do What's Right ... !!!

DON'T Get TRAPPED In ..... "Your Mirage" ..... !!!!

Or A World of ... " Tarot Cards " ...

See Yourself For Who YOU ARE ... !!!
Don't Do Things That You'll REGRET ... !!!
Like ... JUMPING IN A STRANGERS Bed ... !!!!!

Make A STAND And STICK TO IT ... !!!!!

Instead of S P R E A D I N G ... THOSE WET LIPS ... !!!!!
DON'T Get VEX Or Get UPSET Because CONFUSION RULED Your Head .... !?!

"Yeah, but you were making moves !!!"

"So were you, which goes to prove, you were wanting me to woo !
Come on now, did I force you to come and sleep in my bedroom ?"

"No, but now I feel abused !
We moved to fast, i've thought it through,
and don't think that i'm right for you !!!"

"Okay, that's cool, but, let me prove something to you,
we kissed and stuff, and then we hugged,
but when I said we should get up
you put me in a tight armlock ?
Now you're saying you wanted to TALK ?
It seems you have some things to sort,
inside your mind, take that walk i'll give you time,
but, don't complain if I refrain, from letting you confuse my brain !
Figure out what it is you need, then come back, and talk to me.
Otherwise, let's both be free to be with who we want to be !
but don't be playing games with me, My name's Big Virge, not Monopoly !
Life to me is not a dream, talk is cheap, but, actions speak.
So, stop your talk, and walk the walk !
Don't kiss me, on our first date and change your mind, the very next day ?
Come on now, give me a break ! Such confusion, breeds delusion, and a premature conclusion !
I don't know you, you don't know me, you may be right but let's wait and see.
Let's take some time, the date went fine, It's not my fault, you crossed the line !
What can I say I'm a sexy guy, who'll give you lows, as well as HIGHS !
Every couple, has their troubles, and sometimes yes, fall down and stumble,
but, getting up, is part of the fun, and helps reduce, our confusion
Opposites attract, like white and black I suggest you remember that !
But, firstly you must face the facts, about the things you sometimes do,
then I can, make love to you !"

Those Are Words On Which To CHEW ...

Take Some Time And Think It Through ...
And Then You Won't Be ...

So ....

... " Confused " ... ?!?

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