Time for the money

That's what she lived by

Beautiful girl,

Spiral curls that swayed at her waistline

Skin the color of cinnamon,

Or was it toffee?

She had full legs a mile long-

That sparkled in the middle

Small waist, young hips

That hypnotized oceans

She was potion.

Night woman, with desires of

Pain for pleasure

Or was it the designer bags that tempted her?

She closed her eyes and imagined the happier days

Before she fell for love

Trapped in a daze, floating on clouds,

She Aroused her prey with sensational aromas

And the sweet, sweet taste of her lips

The ones that lie south of her hands as she reached for the stars

And swayed her hips.

Perfect harmony made between her

And her craft

Good girl she was, smart and ambitious

Accustomed to the things she never had

Dreams she couldn’t touch,

her imagination-

Love and then lust.

The only time she’d ever cry was for herself-

Whenever dawn came back around-

To sleep.



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