You cannot control me any longer


The night she will always remember


Her eyes wide, the lights dim around her


The fragrance of heat


Her body shakes fiercely

The silence is all that she craves

And yet it is the only thing destroying her.

At such a young age

Her innocence is claimed by another

A choice is never given.

A terrified heartbeat

Like the banging of a drum.

The thought of what just happened

Lingers in her mind.

The cold night

The darkness

The whisper of fear in her heart.

Tears will stream down her face

For hours and hours to come

In the morning she will rise

Her eyes never rested.




The effect you had on me


I remember fear

I remember pain

However I do not remember you.

I remember that night

Staying awake

I fear you.

Some nights I still must lie awake

Or you shall visit me

Dreams are no longer safe

They are an entrapment of memories.

I remember the loneliness of that night

I live surrounded in the fear

I live through myself trying not to live

Wondering everyday

How could a one time occurrence

Stunt me so badly.



Today I will shun you


You no longer deserve my constant attention

I have learned this recently

You did not define that little girl

You did not destroy her soul

She is the most beautiful person

I still wonder how you could do that to me

But I no longer lie awake

Waiting for you.

I know your not coming back

You are not much more then a coward.

She has grown

A few years were lost

Four precious years

Her childhood became a secret she would never tell

But I rose above you

I told of you

I no longer fear you

I no longer cry

I no longer have to hide myself

I am no longer ashamed. 


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