Sexual Feelings

I have sexual feelings

He has sexual healing

I have sexual thoughts that need to be pulled from the heart

I need my soul to be stole with one good stroke

As he whispers

He wants that good love

I want that good drug as I fiend to be seen

to be dropped down to my knees

Our emotions are running up

got me touching the sky as he lays between

my legs giving me sweet goodness

I imagine im on a rollercoaster being flipped over 

Flipping me all around 

going back down

Having sexual dreams 

giving him what he needs, put him straight to sleep

As he dreams about me stroking him slowly

Kissing on his lips, Grabbing on my hips

going to my breasts playing them


Got me feeling wet

Look into my eyes

I'll never lie

got him feeling high

as both collide how me feel inside

Laying down to rest all out of breath

Deep in my thoughts

feeling satisfied with our sex drive

Wonder if he's wonder for another round 

as he goes back down


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Nice Flow.  Very intentional. 

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