Lonely is not a word that I like to hear,

 it echos in the vast silences that are filled by lies, 

Lonely is a storm shadow cast over an empty jungle gym,  

Sandbox toys strewn haphazardly about like the forgotten dreams of little boys and girls,  

Lonely is like that one song on the radio,  

that one which makes you cry until you have to pull over because it's impossible to see past the blur, 

Lonely is that child who was abandoned by her mother and never knew her dad, 

Lonely is that girl who grew up to hate herself because of words at school directed at her like knives,

Lonely is that teenaged fool who finds herself pregnant after a moment of joy,

Lonely is not that young woman who looks into her newborn's eyes and see only love, 

I am not Lonely. 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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