Change the World

What even is a world without hate?
I wouldn't know, this one sure ain't.
We live in a society teaching us nobody cares,
that nobody wants you,
and nobody's there.
Society teaches us to not like what we are,
and that the only way out is through self-harm.
When we look at the mirror,
now we think, "I'm not perfect",
but somebody loves you,
And you're so worth it.
What even is a world that is fair?

I wouldn’t know, I can’t find that here.

We live in a society saying, “You’re just a woman”

“You are much less”

I don’t wanna hear that again.

Society teaches us to not like our bodies or our skin,

You’re not like me.  You’re not thin.

Not thin enough.

Are you saying I am not enough?

I can’t take this.


Enough with telling girls that they’re not as good as guys.

Enough with discrimination and the tears in all our eyes.

Do you realize?

How I do despise

That I live in an accepting country

Not true, this country lies.

I guess that that implies that we’re doing something wrong

We don’t have allies, they fear us cause we’re strong,

So I advise, as this information implies, we need to arise, and do better.

We may live in a world that's full of dislike,
but showing more love can help others to love life.
But for now, we are living with so much hate,
and we need to fix this before it's too late.

There are already girls fleeing bombs from the mosques of their skin.

There are people not eating cause they’re trying to fit in.

There are people too poor to eat at all.

There are people thinking that they’re too short or too tall.

It’s not easy to accept that our bodies are flawed.

It’s harder to accept that they aren’t.



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