Appalachian Girl, Where Did They Spend Your Crown?


Little hands they have, my sister

Born from Mountains and blackest coal

Created by those that so proud, dig

for righteous living in dark holes


Little minds they say, my brother

Little to do still in this town

Dreams of severing the cycle,

becoming the Princess, Achieving the Crown


Little girls or little women

Confounding purgatory state

 A humble school is all they have

Destiny influenced by man and State


But "Big" minds far beyond their reach

Cut away with polished hand

One by one the programs fall

"Lofty" dreams slip away like sand


Sand replaced by boredom, Folly

Little girls like little boys

Little left to do but love

and then begins their harder choice


Little hands seem smaller still

Eclipsed by swelling breast and womb

Many end the school book journey

Trade crown for shame and family tomb


Little hands in the Mountains

The cycle spirals like before

Pity, schools that were a haven

can't afford them anymore.




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