Hello And Good Bye.

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 09:02 -- hinifh

Hello it was nice to meet you,I known you all my life,We grew up together,You was like the brother i never had,Every weekend and every summer i spend all my days with you,Riding bikes, going swimming, playing video games is what we did,But i never really met you until you showed me the real you. I didnt really understand at the time that boys wasnt suppose to touch boys,I was young and naive,So everything you told me and showed me i thought was true,I looked up to you and wanted to be like you,But when i met you i knew something was wrong. Lies i spreaded around to my love ones when somebody finally spoke up and told,They told that you was a molestor and a rapest,I told that you was my brother and you never touched me,But deep down i replayed the day i met you in my mind. I was indenial of my own truth,I didnt tell a soul because i didnt want you to hurt,I didnt want you to get in trouble,So i tried to sweep my truth under the rug. Until one day i found the strength to tell,I went into an anxiety attack because i thought what now,People are going to second guess my truth because i lied years ago,But the lies i told were wrong and yes i did meet him. But a decade and some change later here i am,I dont know who i am,I cant seem to find me,Who am I? I was molested and i didnt even know,I didnt know because i was young,My mother always told me if somebody touched you down there to tell,But i always thought that somebody would be a stranger,I didnt know that stranger would be somebody that i considered my brother.But he was a stranger, He was a stranger because i didnt know him until the day he introduced himself to me,We met and you greeted yourself to me,But i wish i never did,So now at this moment in my life,I have the courage to say to you,Good Bye.


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