In the moment, all I wanted was you

I was drunk on your smell, your taste, your empty words

Your touch was gentler than I thought it would be

Your intensity sent shivers down my spine, which

traced the same path as your feverish lips

I couldn't breathe, the desire so strong

Enhanced by the magic flooding through my veins

We were messy and imperfect

It wasn't the firework fairytale they describe in books and movies

But there was something so true and real about it all

And when you whispered "You're safe", I believed you

It could've been minutes or maybe it was longer, but

I lost track and all I could do was wonder

How it could be that we were giving this to each other

when I wouldn't even be able to bring to mind

Your favorite color, what makes you smile, even the shape of your eyes

How we could be so uninhibited

So naked and raw and wanting

But maybe that's the thing people get hung up on

Maybe this act isn't as huge as we make it out to be

Maybe if you feel right

And sure

And willing

We don't have to be ashamed of this beauty that is free to all.


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